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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fantastic Propaganda of Days Gone By

Boy's Beware! Anti-gay propaganda at its best, boys and girls!

Girls Beware! I must show this to my daughter.

Parodied voice over for Boys Beware by Tim Henson of Distorted View. I laughed and laughed. Word of Warning: the content of his show is NOT for the faint of heart or easily offended. That's partly why I love him.


Chris said...

Thank goodness we live in an age where there is no more propaganda.... Ok, I'm off to watch Fox News :)

humble simpleton said...

"One never knows when a homosexual is about." This is priceless.
Chris, there is something I call art of codenames(AC). Its purpose is to transform things to fit your needs by merely renaming it. So maybe there is no more propaganda, but I bet You are knee-deep in public relations :-).
And hey, you call this propaganda? The message is generaly good - tell your parents, note the licence plate etc, only they used homosexuals as scarecrows. Ever heard about American imperialists? Look what mayhem they can cause. Commie propaganda from the 50s. At 1:40 there's newspaper headline saying:"Government announcement to the war on potato-beetle.(sic)" Note they could fill whole page with it. Sign at 2:11:"Infested with potato-beetle"
In following comment I put the translation, in which:
PB - potato-beetle
AB - american beetle
PB is plain biological name, while AB is AC for PB :-)

humble simpleton said...

These clouds do not carry blessings, they are comming from the west. Using clouds and winds, American imperialists sent PB to our republic. Father and son spotted something, they bend down and find PB on the road. This is it – AB, newest criminal instrument of American barbarism. This year, we found it even where it does not belong naturaly. On the wood, instead of potatoes, also in the dumps. AB crawling on the wall. By aircraft and wind they spread it from our western and southern borders. Agents carry it in small boxes and vials. Those, who sent this voracious beetle to us, presumed it will find, it will sniff its way to our potatoes, they presumed it will gluttonously eat that, what is growing for us, they presumed it will lay thousands of eggs, from which red-orange larvae will come out. What do American imperialists want? They want the most dangerous potato pest to destroy our advanced potato growing. To tie down our nurture, our livestock production, and our industry using potatoes as base material. These voracious larvae – that is the culture of nuclear, warring pillagers. But imperialists sirs were counting the bill without the waiter. They counted and once again miscounted. Our government made decisive actions, decisive actions to deflect this vile attack of our enemies. And even on the West, they would know this: Here the way from words to action is short. We all, and first of all youths, pioneers (scouts), are set to fight(we shall fight on the beaches.. J). We will find every AB and destroy it. Every place of appearance we disinfect. Every place where we find it, we mark properly. Technology is involved in the battle with the pest. We give all our effort to the salvation of the fruits of our work. Thats our immediate defense against the attack of our enemies. We don’t let it hide underground, even there we will find it and destroy it. That’s our answer to the hostile attackers. We dealt with Horakova, Pecl and their associates, we will deal with PB – the AB. We will save and clean our fields, our crops, from American infestation. We don’t want what is others, but we will not give up what is ours.

humble simpleton said...

Gosh, I wrote it in Word and then copy-pasted to the comment window, which gave some unwanted outcome.
Horakova link again.
(we shall fight on the beaches.. J) - this is supposed to point at the slight similarity with the famous speech of sir Winston, and the "J" was supposed to be smiley :-)
Well, next time I will know better.

programmer craig said...

Cute :)

When I was in elementary school in the 1970s they were still showing those films from the 1950s and 1960s. I don't recall seeing anything about homosexuality, but they bombarded us with anti-drug and anti-sex propaganda.

humble simpleton said...

Well, after seeing your propaganda, I wanted to show you our, from the other side of iron curtain, and I thought it will send you people right down under your desks, crying with laughter, but silence prevail. What's wrong, you didn't like it? Come on, don't tell me that my effort was in vain. :-)

Gila said...

The distorted view one was hilarious!