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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Fallen Art

It's odd, but my absolute favorite bit is right at the beginning when you see the texture of the soldier's helmet. What art... Tomek Baginski, I shall definitely seek out more of his work.


humble simpleton said...

The 'film' lasts 57 seconds, times normal rate 25 pictures per second, it makes 1425 corpses, and that would make quite a pile!
The soldier is falling for cca 7.5 second, and if we ommit the air resistance, then the height of the tower(wooden!) would be 276 meters, or 303 yards, and that is only some 24 meters short of what Eiffel did!
So, how good am I at emulating 'nerdy'?

TeacherLady said...

You're just trying to get me hot. Talk nerdy to me, baby!

humble simpleton said...

And his other work? 'Rain', being the first, is to show what he can do, but I like the idea behind 'Cathedral'.

humble simpleton said...

For your love of animation:
Will you help me with shit?
Of course, of course, bend over, I pull it out.
Woow, great, beautiful, I run it over, yea?