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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Abuse by "Peacekeepers"

Don't stories like these make you want to kill? This report by Save the Children UK made me want to scream in frustration. We do what we can, we bemoan our limitations, and yet the little ointment we have to offer these poor suffering children has a bunch of freaking hideous flies in it. What the hell is going on?? Where did things go so wrong that the people who are supposed to care, supposed to want to protect these children, are the ones destroying their lives? Save the Children UK proposes the creation of a global watchdog... Has the world gone insane? Do we now have to have human rights interest groups to monitor human rights interest groups? Watchers watching watchers? How sad is that?
I applaud Save the Children UK for forcing the international community to take notice of this ugly truth, but it certainly speaks of the sad state of affairs the world has come to when this kind of information comes to light and that there truly is no one in this world those poor children can trust and rely on.
I still heartily encourage you to search for the charity of your choice to make this world a little bit better for your having been in it. My husband and I sponsor a child through Save the Children (I found they spent the money more effectively than many other children's charities) and a woman through Women for Women International. I've been happy with both and sincerely hope the child and woman are too.

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Hani Obaid said...

Yes it does make me mad, but I don't find it surprising. It takes a special kind to be a soldier. Just because they put a UN logo on their uniform doesn't make them any better. They kill for a living. If they can live with that, what else can they live with ?!