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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Overheard, But I Wish I Hadn't...

Clueless: When you take the SAT, how many points do you get for putting down your name?

Yeesh. I know we've gotten to the point that we are grateful and reward the students simply for making it to class at all, and give them gold stars if they put their name on the paper, but I didn't realize we had got to that point!

Clueless again: What's this?

Teacherlady: A trapezoid. (Clueless has got the formula for each shape right in front of her, it was given to her along with her "test".)

Clueless: What's this triangle-like shape?

Teacherlady: Uh. A triangle.

And before you think it, nope, she isn't "one of mine". At least not on paper, I guess.

Racist And Doesn't Know It: Chinese people are trained to take our jobs.

"They're tekkin er jeeeebs" (Thanks, Trey Parker)

English Teacher: This is a great book. It was on Oprah's book list, so I think you'll all enjoy it.

Also Racist and Doesn't Know It: We don't like her books. She be choosing books white folks like... THIS is what black folks like... Holds up a novel with two sweaty lovers on the cover.

We often discuss whether or not reading anything at all is better than nothing. The books our students tend to read of their own accord are basically porn in the written form. Bomani didn't make that clear when he insisted we all "Read a Book"...

I was also witness to something amusing and bizarre a couple of weeks ago. A student fished out all the pennies from her purse said "Ugh, I can't stand the bronze ones" and threw them into the bin. What? WHAT?! I sat there stunned for some time. She must have thought I was homeless or something by the way I reacted. I guess I'll carry around a donation box for a worthy cause from now on.


Sam said...

LOL......well at least they never cease to amuse eh??

TeacherLady said...

It's only funny for as long as I can hold back the tears... These kids are our future, so I can't help but be alarmed too! :)

Gila said...

Put a tzedakah box on your desk for the "bronze ones"? But you might want to nail it down. :)

Hani Obaid said...

I can't stand the bronze ones either!