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Monday, March 03, 2008

Yet Another Senseless Killing.

Don't read this story if you're weak of stomach.

A man decapitated his 15 month old nephew to teach the baby's mother a "lesson". What the fuck is wrong with people? I don't care what race/religion/brand of underwear a person is or possesses, HOW ON EARTH does anyone think harming a child is the right action to take? EVER? And when are these psycho vigilante men (Note: not ALL men, just those of the aforementioned psycho vigilante variety) going to get it through their thick skulls that people in glass houses should quit with the freaking rock-throwing? (pun intended as reference to honor killings) The day they're perfect is the day they can dare cast judgment on others, but my guess is their shit smells just as much as anyone's.

Damn that makes me want to puke. I don't care what anyone's excuses are, what state a country is in, or whatever... Irony may lead his judge to show him the same kind of mercy he bestowed on his nephew. Not as a collection of races but as the HUMAN RACE, we need to believe this is a universal truth: That under no circumstances is it justified to intentionally harm or kill a child. Even if they really piss you off. WE are the adults, it's about fucking time we ACT like it.


Cairogal said...

No man can do this and be remotely stable...yet all we know is that is erupted out of dispute. Sick, sick, sick.

Sam said...

OMG that is awful!! poor little baby..what did he do to deserve this...what a crazy crazy man...very sick!