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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why Asians Love Their Peace Sign!

On the subject of the origin of signals/signs of peace, I came across an interesting post from Stuff Asian People Like (the spin off of Stuff White People Like) which puts forth a number of theories as to why Asian people (not including Indian, Pakistani, we're talking further East...) love to hold up the "peace sign" whenever they pose for photos. I often wondered that, and was delighted to see the topic being addressed by Asians who also interviewed more Asians to examine varied responses. I'm tempted to go with the theory that it's as much as gesture of posing for a photo as smiling is.

In my family, my sister and I adopted the well-established "goofy teeth, wide eyes, and generally mentally-deficient looking pose" for almost all photos. We even went so far as to pose appropriately right up until the moment before the flash, and then go straight into goofy-mode.

My mother's eyesight is not what it once was, which often leads to moments of side-splitting hilarity. One such instance involved my mother blowing up a picture of me and my sister, framing it and putting it on her wall. My sister glanced at it, did a double take, and squinted at it before laughing out loud.

LilSis: Ma, did you notice something?

Poor Suffering Mother: No, what?

LilSis: Um. We're making goofy-ass faces in this picture.

Poor Suffering Mother: What? Aww. Can't you girls ever post nicely for a photo? Geez. I've had guests over and they've seen that thing... Aww. Bloody hell.


Qwaider قويدر said...

And I thought they are in support of PLO! :)

Craig said...

Heh... cute blog, I'm going to bookmark it!

I spent a lot of time in Asia and I only saw the Japanese doing the peace symbol thing. And not just posing for pictures either, it was like the default way of saying "hi" to somebody who didn't speak the language, instead of a wave. That was a long time ago, though. Maybe it's spread.

PS-I always wondered if they were doing the peace symbol or the previous "V for victory" from World War II.

'liya said...

I always wondered about the peace sign popularity among asians. Some of my students do it all the time and when we took pictures last year they were all about using it and posing - it was cute :D

Gila said...

Re: photos--my siblings and step-siblings did something similar at my Dad and stepmother's wedding. I have a copy of the photo--we all look mentally deranged.

TeacherLady said...

Qwaider, you would think so, but no... :)

Craig, I thought both blogs were cute. Apparently a bunch of people are offended by the White People one, but I just think it's funny. So what parts of Asia did you find more entertaining/enlightening? I'd love to visit Japan someday, as I've said, but I'll wait until my daughter is older first.

'Liya, I always thought it was cute too! Glad it doesn't have any negative origins, that would have ruined the cuteness for me.

Gila, it's always good to know that there are others like us all over the world. It gives one hope :)
I miss my sister so much, it's a pain not knowing when I'll next get to see her. I don't giggle that much with anyone else as much as I do with her! I'm usually in tears (in a good way) every single day when we get to meet over the summer.

Anonymous said...

Why do arab people smells like camel??? LOL