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Friday, March 07, 2008

Where Do We Go From Here?

Someone (I think the name was "Ito") directed readers on Rambling Hal's blog to this post by a gentleman named Ali Shakir. I must say, I share just about every opinion he expressed in his post.

If we are to take it as a given that the country of Israel is not going anywhere (which I'm guessing isn't really an option in a lot of people's eyes, but let's pretend for a moment, shall we?) then alternatives to all this violent activity have to be found. This can only take a positive course if the Palestinians had access to a decent infrastructure, medical facilities, and an education. Denying access to all these things invites the sense of hopelessness, frustration, and dependence that can cripple a people and put resentment and malice in the place of hope.

So let's imagine that somehow, it's financially and logistically possible to give Palestine those facilities. What then? What if Hamas, for instance, opposes anything less than the removal of Israel from the map? Would they be stubborn enough in their conviction to deny their people access to these new facilities? Would people who took advantage of these facilities be branded as scabs, traitors, and of abetting the enemy? I imagine they would be.

I recall a story I read on someone's blog (which I'm going to paraphrase horribly) and you could easily substitute the word "Arab" for various different cultures and people.

An Arab man is being given a tour of Hell. He sees enormous bubbling pots filled with screaming people trying desperately to climb out. Demons are posted at the pots to force back the damned with pitchforks. Each pot contains a different race of people, and so when they arrive at the pot filled with Arabs, he notices there is no demon posted there.
"Ah, this must be a show of mercy for a good and suffering people" he says.
"No, it is because we have no need for the demons here... Anytime one of them tries to climb out, the others pull him back down."


ra said...

having spent most of my life in the ME, i am more than inclined to believe the story(paraphrased "horribly"). it is not far from the truth.

no one will ever be equal as long as we have oil. me thinks this is why there can be no peace in the ME. theres too much at stake here.

hamas would be out of a job if israel were to leave/exist. they most likely will find another "cause". but i doubt seriously whether their plans can ever include development of infrastructure, education.....and true freedom.

Cairogal said...

I agree w/ everything you've said. Israel could have/should have built a metaphorical bridge long ago. When you have utilties, general infrastructure, education, and jobs to work at people are happier. You don't need to extend your borders and demonstrate your military might if you've made attempts to be a peaceful and generous neighbour. I know that's oversimplifying, but I feel it's true.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't the Palestinians receive more international aid than any other country in history? Billions of dollars they've received, and what have they done with it? Why haven't they used it to build that infrastructure, economy, jobs, hospitals, etc.? Why have they only used it to fund terror?

It seems that they hate the Jews more than they care about themselves.

Hamas obviously doesn't give a damn about the Palestinians. That's why they deliberately launch rockets from residential areas, knowing that when Israel must retaliate and take out that launcher, civilians will be killed. Dead Palestinian civilians are great PR for Hamas.

TeacherLady said...

Anon, You're probably right on every count. If only the money were spent on building up and not to fund destruction...
Their hatred often blinds them to the sacrifices they're forcing upon their own people. I don't think the death of one child is justified, whereas they probably see it as simple collateral. If they valued human life more than they did some pathetic attempt at retaliation (killing one of theirs, only to lose hundreds of their own), progress may be on the books. It's all very romantic to say you're fighting for a just cause, but not at the cost of any hope for your people. It's obviously not working. No death of an Israeli ever led to Palestine automatically getting their requests fulfilled and resulting in no consequences against them.

Anon, thanks for sharing, but don't be shy to share your name or nickname. I value input from all level headed people, regardless of whether or not I agree with them. In this case, I happen to agree with you, but no love lost should I ever have different thoughts! :)

You'd be hard pressed to find any government in the world that uses it's budget wisely, but this is resulting in the stagnation of an entire people.

Gila said...

I am going to chime in with Anon. My understanding (though I have not done research on it--so take with the grain of salt) is that materials have been sent over for infrastruture repairs--and that the materials are co-opted for use in Kassam construction. Best example of stupid stuff would be the greenhouses that were left in Gaza after the Disengagement. International donors forked out millions to make sure that these were left intact so that Gazans could use them to start businesses of their own. Hamas (or another group) promptly destroyed them.

Over here (Israel) people are frustrated/depressed to put it mildly. So far as we can see, Hamas has no interest in peace, really does plan to wipe us off the map and does not really care what happens to the local populace in the process. And these guys were ELECTED. How, exactly, does one hold negotiations with a group like that?