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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sesame Tree In Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland is acquiring their very own incarnation of the Sesame Street concept entitled Sesame Tree (there's a clip of it available through the above link. I totally dig the accents as well as the theme shown therein!). This will be the second international version of Sesame Street to be centered around a tree, that I know of. The other is the version produced in Bangladesh, Sisimpur, which revolves around a banyan tree, I believe... (note the paragraph that explains how they get Sisimpur to the remote regions of Bangladesh!)

Sesame Street may not have brought about the kind of world peace Jim Henson had hoped for, but it's a charming step in the right direction! After all, didn't it teach us all how to SHARE?

Though it's not entirely comprehensive, you may find some of your favorite classic moments from the American version here. Or else you can have a peek at all the international versions out there delighting children all over the world.

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