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Monday, March 31, 2008

Quotes of the Day

GigglyBoy: Who's Anne Frank?
LoudMouthGirl: She a Nazi... I mean Germany! I mean...
StraightFAthlete: She work for the poe-lees- she dead."

What?!! Good golly, miss Molly.

HistoryTeacher: Where was Stalin from? I'll accept U.S.S.R., Russia, or Soviet Union.
LoudMouthGirl: He from all those places?

The teacher has only gone over the fact that all names are referring to the same region half a billion times, of course she has an excuse for not retaining that fact. We just hope that giving them more possible correct answers may result in their actually getting one answer on the whole test right.

... And it's only Monday.


humble simpleton said...

Hehe, I would like to see the HistoryTeacher's face when some kid told her that Dzhugashvili(not sure about english spelling) was from Georgia. (Not that Georgia, the one slightly north of Iran.)

TeacherLady said...

Seeing as these guys don't know the difference between countries and continents, I doubt they'd even know another place called Georgia exists. And we stick to "Stalin", it's much easier to spell and say!