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Monday, March 03, 2008

Not Too Bright.

I must specify that this exchange was between me and two students who are not identified as having special needs, so I'm not making fun of mentally handicapped kids or anything.

A little background info. A student whose entire life is dedicated to mocking others has begun to interfere with my work as one of his numerous targets is my student who was stabbed by her sister with a fork. Naturally, I'm inclined to protect all children, but ones who are in desperate need of an ally inspire a little more effort in me that others. I told said big mouth student that if he could go a whole week without talking about her, I'd get him a chocolate bar. He said it was a deal.


Big Mouth Kid: Hey TeacherLady, why ain't I got a chocolate yet?

TeacherLady: Because you haven't gone a whole week without talking about my student.

Big Mouth Kid: So why didn't I get one last week?

TeacherLady: Er. Because I caught you talking about her?

Big Mouth Kid's Best Bud: You didn't give him a warning!

What? Isn't the whole damn point of this futile exercise to get him to shut his pie whole about my student?!? Does this require further warnings, explanations, posters, memos, announcements, reminders, diagrams, and jingles?

TeacherLady: He doesn't need warnings, he knows what the deal is.

I walked away. My guess is he's probably in victim mode right now thinking I've backed out of my end of the deal. Too bad he hasn't figured out that he's just a loud mouth jerk.


Forsoothsayer said...

i can't believe u have to bribe kids! why not just punish him instead?

Qu.ing said...

if she wanted to punish them they would repeat it and after being hit it doesn't matter if you were hit again.

I hate those kids and you was totally wise with them teacherlady.

TeacherLady said...

Forsooth, I totally understand your perspective, but this particular student is living in a troubled home situation and all he knows is abusive language so if I really wanted to punish anyone, it would be the parents. If, however, it were a kid who knew better I'd simply give him a consequence.