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Monday, March 31, 2008

Georgia, Geeeooorgia...

I just spent the weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, on a little mini-vacation with my darling husband and little munchkin. Thanks to Priceline, my man was able to book us two nights at a hotel we otherwise would never have stayed at: the Georgian Terrance Hotel. To say it was "posh" would be underrated. I felt like something that would normally be scraped off one's shoe prior to entering such an establishment, especially since I didn't bother to pack any of my "nice" outfits for the trip. Usually on our road trips we endeavor to stay at the cheapest, least scary motels possible along the highway in order to best soak up the local atmosphere at a multitude of pit stops at an affordable price while still getting the adrenaline rush required to stay alive in a vaguely Hitchcokian environment. The door man called our little toddler "Your Highness" as she waddled through the door and that made me smile, though it did look an awful lot like a scene out of a bad Disney live action movie.

My goal was to visit the Center for Puppetry Arts and see the temporary exhibit on Jim Henson. It was a very small collection of memorabilia, and very very little of the information was new to me, but the charm of the place was not lost on me or my family. Below is a picture I took of Kermit in the atrium where photos were allowed to be taken (I know it's not a great picture but it's either that or the one with my stupid big reflection in the glass):

My daughter was absolutely delighted to see so many puppets in one place and even sat through an hour long puppet show without screaming once, except in delight! When one of the characters on the stage was stuck on a tree limb, our little one turned to my husband and said "Daddy, help..." I guess this marks the beginning of her thinking everything she sees in the movies and on stage is real and we'll have to prepare ourselves for future viewings of Charlotte's Web and Bambi.

I really thought we were going to have to do the infamous "parental walk of shame" out of that place with a squirming loud child, but it didn't happen. I really shouldn't have been that surprised as she tends to be a rather well behaved little squirt, but asking a kid just shy of two years old to sit quietly for over and hour (we had to get in there half an hour early to make sure we got seated at all) is most certainly a task left off of Hercules' list of Shit To Do.

I was pissed to see note in the guest book that I had missed the cast of Avenue Q by one day, but ah well. I've got a ticket to see that show this year anyway.

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