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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Religion Versus Science or Ignorance Versus Logic?

In reading this story about the hygiene issues posed by a Muslim woman who refuses to scrub appropriately in a medical setting because the process would involve exposure of half the arm, I was reminded of a story from Bongi about women who refused to remove their rings for scrubbing into surgery.
These are cases where I wonder how important religious ritual is in a world of modern science and religious beliefs. Not being religiously inclined, it seems straight forward to me that a person should prioritize avoidance of infecting patients with potentially lethal bacteria over an exposed limb. Is religious dogma so archaic that it has no room for modern ideology? How contradictory for a religion based on a people whose medical and scientific origins reached far beyond those of their contemporaries to now stunt their own progress with such inflexibility.

Must this really be a case of religion versus science? Must people use religion as an excuse to limit progress? What a horrific use of religion in the context of humanity in spite of our innate desire to improve and move forward.


Qwaider قويدر said...

Alright, I think this is not the right way to describe it. If I may

Some people apparently misinterpret things. These people need to get educated on these matters.
I don't think it's Religion vs science, I think it's superstition vs Science.

It's well known that pushing away hard is preferred over getting benefit. So in this case, she should be focusing on pushing away the harm to others, than the narrow benefit she gets from covering her arms. I mean come on Wodo2 requires the exposure all the way to the elbow! If she's so self conscious and so religious, she can ask to clean up alone.

'liya said...

These women are idiots. Religious covering doesn't mean exposing germs to others through ignorance. Like the previous comment says, if they're fine with washing up before praying, why can't they was up before surgery alone? It doesn't have to be a group wash party with men and women dancing naked.

Add this to the list of people who blindly follow religion without real understanding.

Bongi said...

well written post. i fully agree. your commenters have made some very practical suggestions. but what these students fail to realize is in the end it's all about the patient. if they can't see that then maybe they shouldn't go into medicine.

TeacherLady said...

It's an obvious solution that she scrub separately from men, so my assumption was that this was not an option for her, otherwise she would be doing that and the story wouldn't have made the news.
Qwaider, excellent point about wodo2, though I wasn't sure if men and women performed this in each other's presence or not.
'Liya, I had to smile at your imagery of surgeons scrubbing in their birthday suits! Talk about being thorough...
Bongi, thanks for the compliment (and the material to support my belief!).