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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mentally Disabled Suicide Bombers.

Oh class. Real class. Apparently some of the recent suicide bombings were carried out by mentally handicapped women and so the government is trying to round up possible targets to protect them from being unwittingly turned into "martyrs".

How honorable. Nothing quite like getting handicapped people and children to sacrifice themselves for others. Adults can do whatever the hell they want because it's their choice to make, right or wrong, but to pull in those who don't have the capacity to truly make a decision for themselves is disgusting. Note, they are only saying that two of the suicide bombers were apparently mentally handicapped and not that the same claim can be made of all suicide bombers.

While I'm on this rant, why not chuck out this piece of crap too... You've probably already seen it or heard about it. It's one thing to have patriotic love in your heart and teach that to your kids, but quite another to teach your kids the language of blind hatred. Who the hell can respect their thoughts and wishes if this is how they bring up their young? They can want their land and they can demand that attention be paid, but at the cost of children and the disabled? How on earth can anyone take them seriously? I don't doubt the suffering the Palestinian people face, but how much further pain is brought upon themselves by perpetuating their loss through encouragement of suicide bombers, taking away people's mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and the next generation who may have brought more hope to a country of hopelessness?

Honestly, I do feel that they have a right to be angry, but as I say to my students... You can't let that hate rule you to the point that you become what you supposedly lash out against. You can't rail against murderers by killing. You may as well be pissing on your own case because no one is going to look at it.


No_Angel said...

hmmm .... i was really gonna go rant about that issue but really i was side tracked by ur link to memri.

regardless of the fact that i can't blame them for having this as a kids show or for the fact that this is the second character to be killed (it's a lil morbid) but i can blame it on the limited mentality of the writer since this what they grow up with and cherish and more importantly thats what gives them hope sitting on the side lines gives you a clearer view.
but linking to memri is actually something i frawn upon, its the most despicable anti professional zionistic opportunist web site ever . they chop up the videos, mistranslates them, and give exposure to something that even kids there don't watch ... so yeah ... i do see them as utterly more despicable than the jew eating bunny who comes of as just foolish rather than vile.

then again poor bunnies they were labeled as cowardly :`(

Gila said...

Teacher lady--

I am with you on this one. Which should come as no surprise. :)


TeacherLady said...

No_Angel, thank you for being professional in your response and explaining your perspective so clearly. I do so respect you for being able to expose another perspective without being offended or insulting. I really appreciate that.
Well, sad to say I've known two bunnies to die of fright when dogs barked near them, so they are very delicate little things and not prone to eating Jews much either. :)

Gila, I often wonder if I should discuss topics as touchy as this but then I'm reminded of the fact that I'm entitled to my opinion and will get feedback from people who wish to educate me further on the topic, which I LOVE, rather than slinging insults at me etc.
Your case makes this especially sensitive, and I do hope I handle it with care should I address it again in the future.

Gila said...

TeacherLady--you are entitled to your opinion--my sensitivity to the subject notwithstanding! If I have a problem with what you write, I can comment (respectfully, of course) or not read your blog. The onus is on me, not you.

In any event, you were completely respectful, and I do agree with you. :)

I also wrote about the use of mentally disabled women as suicide bombers. I never thought I would say this about a suicide bomber but I feel so terrible for them and for their families. Sick sick sick.

There is a new blog being written in Israel/Gaza which is getting a lot of well-deserved praise. http://gaza-sderot.blogspot.com/

Simply put, they are trying to put a human face to the headlines about Sderot and Gaza. The guy in Gaza is pretty much risking his life to do so. I hope I never am in his shoes, but if I am, may G-d give me the strength be equally as brave.

Bongi said...

it is so much easier to sacrifice someone else rather than yourself. monstrous.