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Monday, February 18, 2008

How It All Began...

I feel a little awkward telling my personal love story for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that I fear boring my readers with a mushy story of how I met my man and landed myself here in the States. My other concern is that I sometimes receive negative attention from those who don't tend to favor a cross cultural relationship such as my own... Ie. other Arabs, because I've yet to get that kind of negative attention from a Western individual.

Funny really, that he and I should be considered cross cultural when we really are identical in almost every way, except he's got male bits and I female... But anyway...

I was bored and carried out a search on some search engine for a British science fiction comedy show called Red Dwarf. As a fan of the show, Mr. TeacherLady's website showed up as a result and I mosied on in. I was mildly amused to note our similar interests in all things nerdy and signed his guest book to point this out. He wrote back. So did I. The letters grew lengthier and more detailed and we made occasional phone calls to one another, limited by the time difference and finances of course.

I pride myself on being an awfully sensible young lady who's never prone to making rash decisions, but something compelled me to meet the man I now suspected to be in love with. (I would NEVER EVER condone anyone making as dangerous a move as this. Don't ever meet up with someone you met on the Internet alone. If you're going to do it, at least make it a double date or something. I was just lucky that my man happened to not be a psychopath.)

Throw in a seven year old son of whom he had sole custody and a less than welcoming ex-wife on his side, critical countrymen and a less than accepting government in the face of such a relationship on my side, and you've got the recipe for a love worth fighting for!

Even though there are plenty of details I left out that would have made for great story telling, I feel they should be left alone for a number of reasons.

Anyway, ten years later, I'm a proud step- and biological mother, and very happy wife.

PS: I threw in an image of From Here to Eternity as I felt it summed up my love life... Hot, wet, and with sand in inconvenient places. I know, I know, that was a cheap shot.


kinzi said...

Thanks for sharing this story! That is as good as Pioneer Woman! Wish I had known, I would have written about you in the finding love on-line story. You guys have come up against a lot, and overcome it.

Hani Obaid said...

When you refered to this in the previous post I thought it was going to be a star trek convention ! Red dwarf, who would have guessed ! I'm glad it all worked out.

Forsoothsayer said...

dude, SO not enough detail.

humble simpleton said...

This really happens? I mean after some time of changing e-mails between two unknown individuals from UK and USA, off you go to meet him and finally marry him? That's what I call lucky bastard. Makes me ponder my own Red Dwarf site.
Now that I know about the special place RD has in your life I understand why you were so cherished when I once quoted it in some comment.
Talking about all things nerdy, is this nerdy?

TeacherLady said...

Kinzi, that's okay. I prefer not to draw too much attention to that portion of my life as it tends to lead to complete strangers deciding they know what's best for me and telling me so.

Hani, as much of a Star Trek nerd as I am, I've yet to go to a convention. I've never been in the right place at the right time. I have, however, been to the Star Trek experience in Las Vegas and couldn't handle some of the nerds who were there, so I doubt I'd do well at a convention. Thanks for not lecturing me on my choice of husband, you rock. Seriously.

Forsooth, what part did you want elaboration on? I could always e-mail you the more lurid bits :) My e-mail address is teacherladyblog@hotmail.com

Humble, it's not nerdy... Cute, but not nerdy. Is it your website?

It can happen, but I don't know how often it's a success when it's not done through a dating website. I figured if it didn't work out, I could finish college while I was here and then leave again, but I was fairly certain it would work out.

humble simpleton said...

Oh dear, no. It's some dude's who compressed star wars to five minutes. You know, 'nerdy' is a mysterious word for me. Dictionary says 'nerd' = 'moron', which doesn't fit very good to you, so what's the fuss? Only now I tried to consult the web and voila, wiki has quite an article about nerds, lol, they even conduct some research. Maybe you could contribute? :-)

7aki Fadi said...

I have been away and I just read this post.

This is an awesome story! Good for you for going after what you believe in despite all the difficulties :)

And hey, not even one holier than thou comment. How about that, it seems only intelligent people read your blog ;)

Sam said...

gosh that was NOT enough details...so you were in the middleeast , met hubby and came to the states?? come on elaborate..i love reading about how people met their significant others..

Forsoothsayer said...

well, holier than thou people tend to only come in before the marriage has taken place. khalas, ur in the clear now!
will email.