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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

... Especially to all you cats out in Saudi Arabia, rock on with your illicit red roses! They make no mention of that fantastic poetry that some Arabs love to inflict upon each other (usually lifted from popular ballads or Hindi movies of the day), especially from those ultra-metrosexual dudes who have no issue with owning pink things, having overly elaborate phone rings, and buying the most saccharine, cuddly, cheesy fun stuff for their current beau!

My husband outdid me completely by purchasing a Sony Digital Book for me along with the more standard, but essential, fare of chocolates and cards... Which kinda demotes my fancy liquor chocolates into the category of "lame". Now, I know he won't feel that way at all, but I do feel my offering is sadly lacking a bit. Though they're damn good chocolates! I chose them specifically from a place we had visited last summer on our journeys through the Southern states. I'm not one for hard liquor, but by God these things are tasty.

I remember Valentine's Day as being a little horrifying as a young teenager. I always seemed to get the romantic attention of boys I didn't want that kind of attention from. More often, they were supposed to be my friends but they had decided to make an attempt at the awkward leap into the something more category when I wasn't the least bit interested. I was a tomboy and wanted guy friends with whom I could be myself and not have to try to impress or hide a fluttering heart or an aching stomach.

I laugh now as I recall a party in which some of the more popular girls decided they would make me over from ugly duckling to swan and even then I noticed how terribly 80s-teen-movie that was. I was the librarian with the glasses (metaphorically speaking) who was supposed to be drop dead hot at the drop of a hair pin. I turned out okay, and even got asked out by one of the more popular guys, but I still wasn' t really interested. It's funny how the implication was that I had to hide my geekiness to get a man when it was finally my geekiness that GOT me a man!

Happy Valentine's Day, my love, and to the rest of you love monkeys too.


Hani Obaid said...

"it was finally my geekiness that GOT me a man!"

If it's not too personal this deserves it's own post !

Maher said...

Oh dear...!!
It sucks so much when you bring a gift and later you found out the he/she brought you a better gift! LOL

Happy V-Day!

7aki Fadi said...

such a nice post.

Happy Valentines :) and I second Hani's request :D

Gila said...

Nice post! Happy Valentines Day!

'liya said...

Hope you had a good day!

I took heart candy and chocolates for the students and they were happy :D

TeacherLady said...

It was a nice day and now my man and I get a nice extended weekend to spend more time together too. It may sound lame, but the more time I get to spend with him, the MORE I want to spend with him.

I may post something about how we met, but I risk inviting comment from holier-than-thou hypocritical buggers.

humble simpleton said...

Cool! We can then laugh at them together.

'liya said...

Aww I would love to hear your how you met story! Password protect it?!

Tala said...

Hey Teacher Lady, you have been tagged =D

Realm Of Dreams said...

I love the picture of your husband at the top of this article!

TeacherLady said...

You meanie, mean Mr. Mean. I see you drank your Haterade today. :)