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Friday, February 29, 2008

Rejected License Plates.

Rejected license plates! This guy spotted one that slipped by that read BUKAKE. If you don't know what that is, it's a Japanese fetish involving excessive amounts of semen on a single woman. Yup, I have far too much useless information floating about in my head, and much of it should probably stay there, sorry.


Best advert I've seen in a while!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Am I worthy of access to your blog? I am so disappointed it's locked!!!

Is That Smell YOU?

I had read that perfumes use a scent that can also be found in feces, but to consciously design a perfume that smells of blood, sweat, and semen is just going for shock value over quality! I can just imagine the ad for "Magnifiques Secretions" ...

"Darling, have you been wanking alone again?"
"No, honey, it's my new perfume! Like it? Let's snuggle!"
"Sure... Let me just mop you up with some tissues first..."

At least they don't violate any hygiene laws by actually including blood, sweat, and semen. I just want to see the lab where some guy turns to another and goes: "Does this smell like cum to you?"

They included sandalwood and coconut, so it actually sounds like it may not smell overwhelmingly of some sweaty pervert with a fistful of jizz and a bloody nose. It might actually be quite pleasant.

I'm reminded of the episode of Nip/Tuck where they make a face cream and the chief ingredient is spunk (I'm running the list of vernacular expressions for 'semen', classy, non?...) and the women all exclaim at how soft their skin feels and how tight! Well if they can put placenta into face creams, why not a bit of pearl jam?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It's no secret that I'm a bit of a nerd. I love my sci-fi. After being pleasantly surprised by the resurrection of Doctor Who (pun intended for all those geeks out there who know the show well enough to groan at how cheesy that line was, masquerading pathetically as a "joke"), I was excited to hear that Russell T. Davies was also responsible for a spin-off series entitled Torchwood. (An anagram of "Doctor Who"). Ho obviously loves the whole Doctor Who universe and is bringing a lot of excitement, humor, and darkness to an already fine dynasty.

The Torchwood team consists of the remaining members of an elite organization originally set up in Victorian England to protect Earth from extra-terrestrial invaders. They are each very "broken" in their own way and seek to fill their days with the excitement of racing around Cardiff in search of aliens who frequently slip through a tear in space located in the city.

As the organizations roots lie in a Gothic Victorian beginning (detailed in an episode of Doctor Who), the show is pretty dark, bloody, and brooding. Innocent by-standers constantly get killed in horrific ways and the good guys don't always win. That's one reason I really enjoy the show. Despite it's obviously far fetched plot, it's a lot more realistic than most shows of its kind.

Another thing I really enjoy about the show is how very realistically the actors portray their pain. Watch any episode of CSI, or any other murder-investigation show, and the family members of the victim sniffle a little into a tissue as though it was their pet parrot that shuffled off this mortal coil and not their baby or wife or whatever. In Torchwood, even the lesser roles express their grief so much more convincingly, with primal howls, clumsy movements, etc. and more than once it's brought tears to my eyes. The lead actress, Eve Myles did such a phenomenal job in one episode that I had to clutch my husband's hand and fight back the tears and keep the sob from welling up in my chest any further than it already had.

The leading man, played by John Barrowman, is overtly bi-sexual, though he tends to lean more towards chaps than ladies. That may stem from the fact that the show's writer is gay, as is Mr. Barrowman, perhaps. Anyway, he's an interestingly complex character who has much to hide and is far more than just a pretty face and he does have a VERY pretty face. At first, his homosexual tendencies don't really play much of a part in his role, which was refreshing... To finally see a gay character not come across as gay above all else, shrinking the rest of his personalities traits into irrelevance. But... For those who shrink at the thought of seeing two grown men kiss, you may want to find something else to watch because it happens in more than a couple episodes.

The sad thing is that I can see how all of these "positive" traits in my eyes would be the very same reasons many of you may choose not to watch it. Obviously, that's down to personal tastes and interests, but for those of you who aren't turned off, I strongly suggest you try it out! Heck, for all you red-blooded males, there are a few lesbian kisses thrown in too!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Palestine (The Graphic Novel).

Touchy subject, I know, so I'll do my best to not offend my Muslim nor my Jewish readers. Please forgive my limitations as a word smith should I offend anyone.

I recently finished reading the graphic novel Palestine by Joe Sacco. I didn't know what to expect from the perspective of a Maltese author/illustrator journalist type. His aim was to capture specific experiences of suffering of the Palestinian people and in the mean time get a healthy dose of Arab hospitality (tea, tea, and more tea!) While the slant is very obviously anti-Israeli-military, the author made no promise that he would be unbiased and so I didn't expect him to be.

While it is overtly one-sided, I am willing to believe every tale of woe is true, however romanticized the Palestinian characters are and how demonized the Israelis are. Political agendas and blame aside, I'd be a little more convinced with a depiction of good and bad people on both sides of the struggle. For instance, in reality there are Israeli soldiers who have protested the more destructive initiatives of their government, and there are Palestinians who have murdered innocent people just as there are Israelis who clearly violate basic human rights and there are Palestinians who place emphasis on the importance of the education of their children to achieve progress through academic achievement over suicide bombing.

Rather like the art, this paints a very black and white picture of a people enduring true suffering, I just find it a little limiting that he clearly defines the good guys and the bad guys by race/religion rather than down to individuality. He even paints the recruitment of children into the resistance movements as less than abhorrent reality.

Overall, it was a very worthwhile read, regardless of your politics or perspective. It tells of a very real suffering that we should be aware of, even if it is slanted heavily to one side.

Transsexuals in Iran.

While homosexuality is forbidden in Iran, and indeed all other Muslim countries, I was fascinated to discover that sex change operations are not painted with the same brush. From the BBC news story:

"Islam has a cure for people suffering from this problem. If they want to change their gender, the path is open," says Hojatol Islam Muhammad Mehdi Kariminia, the religious cleric responsible for gender reassignment.

The problem is that gay people who don't really want to change genders are seeing this as their only opportunity to be able to live out their lives in their home country. While a sex change may obviously still have a social stigma attached, it is not illegal and so many are opting to have the surgery to escape being persecuted as homosexuals. While there is an overlap between the gay and transsexual communities, they are not one and the same, so I pity the poor souls who have to turn their lives upside down to avoid breaking the law. A gay man may act feminine, but it doesn't necessarily mean he wants to be a woman.

A film has been made regarding the case of one such transsexual: Be Like Others.
I'll keep an eye out for it and give a review eventually, I'm sure. I just wish I could see the BBC special on the topic, but unless someone uploads it to the Internet, I doubt I will.

I just wonder what textual interpretation led to such a progressive slant on gender reassignment surgery? I wonder how Kariminia justified his edict? And how brave to risk losing credibility by making such a statement. I've found this page of quotes, but as usual it's all down to interpretation and I'm sure anyone can get whatever perspective they prefer out of the quotes.

Here's another article on the topic. Interesting stuff.

I guess it goes without saying that no mention seems to be made of gay women or female to male sex change operations. I may do some research on the topic.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Send In The Clowns.

A touching story about a small troupe of clowns that is fighting an enormous tide by trying to bring smiles to the faces of children and their parents in war torn Iraq. Two of them were murdered, but the rest solider on regardless.
Normally, I'm not a big fan of clowns, but these guys rock.

Portrait Photography Gone Wrong.

BEST portrait photos EVER. Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mentally Disabled Suicide Bombers.

Oh class. Real class. Apparently some of the recent suicide bombings were carried out by mentally handicapped women and so the government is trying to round up possible targets to protect them from being unwittingly turned into "martyrs".

How honorable. Nothing quite like getting handicapped people and children to sacrifice themselves for others. Adults can do whatever the hell they want because it's their choice to make, right or wrong, but to pull in those who don't have the capacity to truly make a decision for themselves is disgusting. Note, they are only saying that two of the suicide bombers were apparently mentally handicapped and not that the same claim can be made of all suicide bombers.

While I'm on this rant, why not chuck out this piece of crap too... You've probably already seen it or heard about it. It's one thing to have patriotic love in your heart and teach that to your kids, but quite another to teach your kids the language of blind hatred. Who the hell can respect their thoughts and wishes if this is how they bring up their young? They can want their land and they can demand that attention be paid, but at the cost of children and the disabled? How on earth can anyone take them seriously? I don't doubt the suffering the Palestinian people face, but how much further pain is brought upon themselves by perpetuating their loss through encouragement of suicide bombers, taking away people's mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and the next generation who may have brought more hope to a country of hopelessness?

Honestly, I do feel that they have a right to be angry, but as I say to my students... You can't let that hate rule you to the point that you become what you supposedly lash out against. You can't rail against murderers by killing. You may as well be pissing on your own case because no one is going to look at it.

Horse Fights?

I've heard of cock fights, dog fights, and human fight clubs... But now they're dragging poor horsies into it too.
How sad that we should extend our love of killing for amusement to the animal kingdom which reserves killing for survival?
I know I sound awfully middle class lefty because I have the luxury of other forms of amusement and income besides the mutilation of animals, but surely there are less vile ways of making money in poorer countries or am I just being naive?!

And before anyone whines that I should care more about humans who are treated this way and worse, I DO care. It is possible to care about all types of animals at the same time, bipedal or otherwise.

Sweatpants and Sweatshops?

Great. I know most of the clothing I own was probably made by some poor abused individual whose only escape from forced prostitution is to split their fingers making my damn underwear, but here's further confirmation provided to me by my husband.

So the next time we slip into our Victoria's Secret teddies or maximum semi-balcony cleavage padded underwired over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder, rather than feeling sexy, we should feel a little guilty too.

Perfect. Just what the world needs. More guilt attached to sex.

Shame, shame, unclean, unclean...

6 Things To Do Before You Turn 18.

I have been tagged by Tala.
I must name 6 things one must do before turning 18... Hm...

1) READ. You'll look like an idiot if you get to college and utter those infernal words "Uh. I don't read. I hate reading." There is something out there for everyone. Believe me. (I'm channeling Bomani... "Read a book, read a book...")

2) Find a friend you can share endless phone calls with during which you touch on thoughts on religion, death, sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll late into the night. It's good to clear things up with someone, and who knows? You may learn someone about yourself you never knew. And by "friend", I don't mean Mr. McCreepy whose in his 40s and lives alone at the end of the street where even the bravest trick-or-treater won't go.)

3) Stand in front of the mirror and dare yourself to see the beauty you always deny in favor of that one pimple or that little bit of fat.

4) Try foreign food. You never know where you might end up and it's always nice to make friends with someone who's willing to try new stuff versus that little fraidy cat who whimpers at the sight of a chicken tikka masala.

5) Do volunteer work. Put that damn cell phone down for an hour and help someone who needs it. The mall won't miss you THAT much.

6) Tell your parents you love them.

Monday, February 18, 2008

How It All Began...

I feel a little awkward telling my personal love story for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that I fear boring my readers with a mushy story of how I met my man and landed myself here in the States. My other concern is that I sometimes receive negative attention from those who don't tend to favor a cross cultural relationship such as my own... Ie. other Arabs, because I've yet to get that kind of negative attention from a Western individual.

Funny really, that he and I should be considered cross cultural when we really are identical in almost every way, except he's got male bits and I female... But anyway...

I was bored and carried out a search on some search engine for a British science fiction comedy show called Red Dwarf. As a fan of the show, Mr. TeacherLady's website showed up as a result and I mosied on in. I was mildly amused to note our similar interests in all things nerdy and signed his guest book to point this out. He wrote back. So did I. The letters grew lengthier and more detailed and we made occasional phone calls to one another, limited by the time difference and finances of course.

I pride myself on being an awfully sensible young lady who's never prone to making rash decisions, but something compelled me to meet the man I now suspected to be in love with. (I would NEVER EVER condone anyone making as dangerous a move as this. Don't ever meet up with someone you met on the Internet alone. If you're going to do it, at least make it a double date or something. I was just lucky that my man happened to not be a psychopath.)

Throw in a seven year old son of whom he had sole custody and a less than welcoming ex-wife on his side, critical countrymen and a less than accepting government in the face of such a relationship on my side, and you've got the recipe for a love worth fighting for!

Even though there are plenty of details I left out that would have made for great story telling, I feel they should be left alone for a number of reasons.

Anyway, ten years later, I'm a proud step- and biological mother, and very happy wife.

PS: I threw in an image of From Here to Eternity as I felt it summed up my love life... Hot, wet, and with sand in inconvenient places. I know, I know, that was a cheap shot.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

... Especially to all you cats out in Saudi Arabia, rock on with your illicit red roses! They make no mention of that fantastic poetry that some Arabs love to inflict upon each other (usually lifted from popular ballads or Hindi movies of the day), especially from those ultra-metrosexual dudes who have no issue with owning pink things, having overly elaborate phone rings, and buying the most saccharine, cuddly, cheesy fun stuff for their current beau!

My husband outdid me completely by purchasing a Sony Digital Book for me along with the more standard, but essential, fare of chocolates and cards... Which kinda demotes my fancy liquor chocolates into the category of "lame". Now, I know he won't feel that way at all, but I do feel my offering is sadly lacking a bit. Though they're damn good chocolates! I chose them specifically from a place we had visited last summer on our journeys through the Southern states. I'm not one for hard liquor, but by God these things are tasty.

I remember Valentine's Day as being a little horrifying as a young teenager. I always seemed to get the romantic attention of boys I didn't want that kind of attention from. More often, they were supposed to be my friends but they had decided to make an attempt at the awkward leap into the something more category when I wasn't the least bit interested. I was a tomboy and wanted guy friends with whom I could be myself and not have to try to impress or hide a fluttering heart or an aching stomach.

I laugh now as I recall a party in which some of the more popular girls decided they would make me over from ugly duckling to swan and even then I noticed how terribly 80s-teen-movie that was. I was the librarian with the glasses (metaphorically speaking) who was supposed to be drop dead hot at the drop of a hair pin. I turned out okay, and even got asked out by one of the more popular guys, but I still wasn' t really interested. It's funny how the implication was that I had to hide my geekiness to get a man when it was finally my geekiness that GOT me a man!

Happy Valentine's Day, my love, and to the rest of you love monkeys too.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Finding Religion. Sort of. Okay, Not Really.

I met Jesus! Well. Sort of. Actually, his name is Ted Neeley and he may not be Jesus, but he played him in the 1973 movie Jesus Christ Superstar. He didn't appear to me in a taco or even on a slice of toast, but at the stage door of the local theater. A small crowd had gathered in the hopes of meeting him after the show and we were told that he wouldn't simply sign an autograph and hightail it out of there, but would take the time to share a moment with each of his fans. And he did. I strongly suspect that 40 years of playing Jesus has rubbed off on him as he certainly seemed to exude an aura of calm and of sincere love with every tight hug he gave each of his fans. Granted, a certain amount of acting is probably involved in this, but I think it becomes something sincere at some point.

Having watched the movie over and over ever since I snuck it illegally into my country, I was in complete awe of seeing Ted Neeley in the flesh. Tears trickled down my cheeks when he first appeared on stage, and again when I was waiting in line to see him and watching him whisper quietly into the ear of each fan as he gave them a warm embrace and again when I finally got to talk to him they poured down my face with complete abandon.

I felt like an idiot, but this guy was there when so many changes took over my life and so it was like having a flashback to so many moments of my existence where his haunting voice was always in the background, singing first from an old cassette tape, then from my VCR, then a CD, and finally a DVD. In the instant I looked into his eyes, I was the child who found the tape, fell in love with music and the message, drowning out moments of frustration, childish depression, or loss with song, sneaking the video into the country to share with my friends and to enjoy over and over, the teenager who sought to express her frustration with the dogma of religion, the young woman who carried the soundtrack to her new home in the States, and finally the mother who wants to share such fantastic music with her child, as my mother did with me.

He wiped away some of my tears with his thumb, and I continued to feel stupid knowing I couldn't lucidly explain that I wasn't some airhead groupie but that there was far too much behind my tears to explain so I did my best and enjoyed the hugs I got from him.

Now, cheesy, mushy stuff aside... I was honored to see Ted in what may very well be his last tour as Jesus (he's 65, he may want to take it easy soon!) but was greatly disappointed in the direction of the show. Dallett Norris may be a good director of other shows, but I completely disagreed with his choices for Jesus Christ Superstar.

Before I go into my analysis, bear in mind that I am not religious and so I dissect this show as a work of art and not as a literal reading of the Bible or anything like that. If you take offense at this, feel free to stop reading now.

First mistake: The director had some guy get slain by a Roman and then get resurrected by Jesus during the opening overture. The entire point of the musical is to illustrate the last days of a man who is forced to wear a mantle he sometimes wishes was not upon his shoulders as he is "just a man". He is meant to be Jesus the man and not Jesus the performer of miracles or party tricks. He exhibits all the real emotions and frustrations of a real man who struggles with the selfishness and shallowness of mankind around him. He begins to realize that in order to get through their thick skulls, he really is going to have to make the ultimate sacrifice for the lesson to be learned. This kind of man isn't meant to be smiling throughout the show and acting as though he has accepted his role with humble humility and gratitude. He's meant to be disappointed, angry, but ultimately determined to place the salvation of mankind above his own mortal life.

It may be cynical and contrary to popular religious beliefs, but I find it far more moving to think of the character of Jesus as a real man, with all the failings and limitations that go along with being human, facing such enormous challenges to spread the word he believes to be true rather than to think of him as some perfect being for whom it would be so easy and effortless to do the things he did.

Second mistake: Never have I seen the backs of performers as much as during this production. I lost count of the number of times Corey Glover (playing Judas) had his back to us and using his downstage hand to point such that his face was hidden each time. Any director worth his salt would have directed him to stop that.

Third mistake: This is probably the responsibility of the choreographer, but they used the matrix move too many times during the fight scene in the overture. It got lame very quickly for me.

I was glad to see, however, that they put Judas back in white clothes following his death instead of red as I have seen in a previous touring production. I prefer the implication that Judas ends up in heaven having done the difficult bidding of his God to offer up his best friend for sacrifice rather than his being some mustache-twirling bad guy lurking in the shadows. Again, not being religious, I am approaching this from a literary or artistic perspective.

However, it was all worth it to see and meet Ted Neeley, my superstar.

PS: He smells nice.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What Emirati Girls Wear.

Randomgirl asked a question about what Emirati girls and young teens wear, specifically between 5 and 15 years old. I would recommend looking into your library or book store (if you do an online search, just type United Arab Emirates) and you'll find some tourist guides that often have excellent photography of the local population.

Based on my own observations, at about 5 to about 10, the girls generally tend to wear very Western looking clothing, but with long sleeves and generally ankle length skirts or pants/jeans. When they are very young they tend to be in very frilly, cute overly fussy little dresses that can be quite itchy (I speak from experience.)

Here are some adorable pictures I found of little kids in a class dressing up in traditional Arab garb, usually reserved for adults. (However, Emirati men tend to wear the white head dress over the chequered ones pictured... Not always, but usually.)

Photo courtesy of Gulf News. Young ladies at the 2007 Dubai Air Show.

After she has had her period, she may begin wearing the hijab, in this case this involves a sheer black head scarf usually with pretty embroidery on it. Of course younger kids can wear the hijab, but when it comes to Emiratis they don’t tend to wear it until they come of age. Even then, in high school my Emirati friends often let their head scarves slip down off their heads and onto their shoulders. The Emirati girls and women I knew didn't pin the head scarf, they just sat it on their heads and then flipped the two corners over their shoulders, letting it cross over their throat or else wrapping it over their head and under their chin very loosely.

As teenagers, they tended to wear long skirts and long sleeve tops. If they wore jeans, they would wear the abaya on top, which is a very fine black cloak that is usually very figure hugging on the younger women and really quite attractive rather than dark and shapeless.

As they get older, some women choose to wear the gold burqa, or face mask which is more of a fashion accessory than a religious statement (see examples in the aforementioned cute pics of kids). They are often much smaller than that of our grandmothers and show off the woman's eyes and bottom lip quite sexily! Since I last lived there, it seems that more and more young women are covering up more and even wearing the sheer black material over their eyes, or maybe they always did that and I never really noticed as much as I after I left.

Over all, the Emirati teenagers are pretty fashionable and well dressed, which is another reason I never fit in. What a dork I must have looked in my too short cheap jeans and crappy t-shirts next to such elegence in black!

If anyone has better pictures or ideas to share, feel free. It's not easy finding pictures of actual Emirati women as they tend to not get photographed too much and have a little more decorum than I've got.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Star of Jaws Passes Away.

Aww. Roy Scheider (the guy who starred in Jaws) passed away. (IMDB info here)Hey, they shot Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry's ashes into space, do you think they'd sprinkle Mr. Scheider's over the sea? Nah. That would just be creepy.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Better Late Than Never...

Happy Chinese New Year! It's the year of the Rat. Quite befitting as it is an election year here in the States... (That's about as high brow as my political humor gets, I'm afraid. Cheap and easy... That's what he said.)
I was rather busy these past few days and so it totally slipped my mind. I know one Chinese song (and have no idea how to spell the title of it- I think the translation of it is "Small Town Story"), so I'll sing it as penance. My husband is a very patient man.
Xiiiiiou chung geusheeee....

Friday, February 08, 2008

Your Baby Daughter Isn't Pretty Enough? Try The Insta-Whore Make-Over! Yay!

Now, I'm not denying that this digital photographer possess skills I don't have... But honestly, if I had her talent I wouldn't use it to turn cute little kids into heavily made up real life Bratz Dolls... It also looks as though she enlarges the eyes of the "models" which lends the pictures even more of a creepy Twilight Zone effect on the life size brides of Chucky.

I'm troubled enough by how much make up is on these children (some are teens, but I'm not referring to them) but the off-the-shoulder outfits really does beg the question "And the mother thought this was okay?!"

The other day I used our new Nikon to take a photo of my daughter as she participated in her favorite sport... "Hunting for gold in the right nostril" and I think it's a trillion times more wonderful than these horrors. Geez, let kids be kids... Their childhood is short enough as it is.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Strap In Your Beer!

Methinks this woman requires a little clarification. The little one with the eyes, mouth, and limbs who calls you "mamma" is the one you should protect with every fiber of your being, the other is a case of beer. Get it straight.

Religion Versus Science or Ignorance Versus Logic?

In reading this story about the hygiene issues posed by a Muslim woman who refuses to scrub appropriately in a medical setting because the process would involve exposure of half the arm, I was reminded of a story from Bongi about women who refused to remove their rings for scrubbing into surgery.
These are cases where I wonder how important religious ritual is in a world of modern science and religious beliefs. Not being religiously inclined, it seems straight forward to me that a person should prioritize avoidance of infecting patients with potentially lethal bacteria over an exposed limb. Is religious dogma so archaic that it has no room for modern ideology? How contradictory for a religion based on a people whose medical and scientific origins reached far beyond those of their contemporaries to now stunt their own progress with such inflexibility.

Must this really be a case of religion versus science? Must people use religion as an excuse to limit progress? What a horrific use of religion in the context of humanity in spite of our innate desire to improve and move forward.

Education As a Means Forward.

The best course of action (and often neglected priority) for an impoverished nation to stand up on its own two feet is to have a sound system of education. Well, that and no dictator and overtly corrupt political officials who favor their own fat bank accounts and unquestioned power over the rights of humanity, or war lords to reap the rewards of a regime of fear over an oppressed people, but y'know...

The issue of the need for improved education in the Middle East and North Africa have been addressed in the MENA Development Report entitled The Road Not Traveled: Education Reform in the Middle East and Africa.

I was disappointed that they neglected to include mention of the UAE's explosively developing education reform, especially with His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum's campaign, Dubai Cares which aims to finance and support the education impoverished Muslim countries. They've even got everyone's best buddy Bill Gates on board. Let's just hope they don't furnish the impoverished youth of the Middle East, Africa, and Asia with Windows Vista. That would just be fucking cruel.

Of course one can argue that education isn't the forefront of someone's mind when they don't know if they'll live to see tomorrow, so I believe that the first steps of an education reform in these and other impoverished countries is to focus on teaching them skills and information that will permit them to sustain themselves as individuals with the option of further and higher education always on the table too. This, in turn, will contribute positively to their immediate society and to their country. I totally advocate the "teach a man to fish" philosophy, but you can't very well do that if the country you live in doesn't even let you get to the lake, or if they do, just snatch that damn fish away from you, or else the leader feels that it's far more beneficial to focus all his attention and finances on hating another country than realizing the suffering of his own.

Until changes are made in the government of these countries, all the caring and donations in the world won't do a damn thing, but I have hopes.

Child Dropped From Burning Building.

I can't imagine what it must feel like to let go of your child in the hopes of saving him with a risk this great... A building in Ludwigshafen, Germany was suspected of being set ablaze by Neo-Nazis targeting the Turkish immigrants who lived within (though it's not been proven yet). The child was dropped from the 4th floor window and was thankfully caught safely below. They were unable to save 5 other children and 4 adults.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Juan Francisco Casas

Ladies and germs, the art of Juan Francisco Casas.
He does things with a simple ball point pen that must be seen to be believed. He's rather tongue in cheek with his content too, as they all resemble photos to have come out of some college kid's photo album full of self taken photos that are way too close up, with stark shadows cast by the blinding flashes of an amateur photographer. He's also got some paintings in there but his penmanship has caught the eye of the public more for its uniqueness.

Friday, February 01, 2008


Example of how my school is Ghettofabulous:

They give microscopic pins to their employees for milestones at five years, ten years etc... They didn't order enough 10 year pins a few years ago and presented my colleague with two 5s instead.

Good thing they didn't just have 15s because then they would have asked for his last pin as change.

I just can't wait for the revolution so that some of the current people in charge are put against the wall. I went absolutely nuts this week when I found out our building principal, in all his wisdom, has decided to BREAK THE LAW BY BANNING STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS FROM A READING CLASS. Yep. Totally against the law and totally fucktarded at that. It's a class that teaches READING IN A HIGH SCHOOL. It's geared towards kids who read at the elementary level. Who would need that class most of all? I am guessing that even if you're not in the slightest bit connected to the field of education, you can see that this is a colossally stupid decision.

There's more I could bitch about, but I'm jonesing for hot wings right now.

Wow. Have you ever seen what a spellchecker suggest for "jonesing" if you're using Firefox? Bizarre!! "Minnesinger" "Indonesian" and "Micronesian". What the hell is that about?