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Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Question of Origin.

Loud Mouth Student: Ms. TeacherLady? Are you from the Philippines?

TeacherLady: No. You've already asked me that before and I said no the first time too.

Quieter Student: You're from Russia, right?

Loud Mouth Male Student: No, stupid, she's from... Persia!

TeachLady: No, and no, but you're getting warmer.

Loud Mouth Female Student: Eye-raq!

TeacherLady: No. Opposite there.

Loud Mouth Female Student: Eye-ran! Eye-ran is the opposite of Eye-raq!

Are they antonyms now? I don't even bother explaining the whole "Persia-Iran" thing. After all, we've got math to do. I'm keeping my answers brief to satisfy their curiosity and then get back to business.

Teacherlady: No, but you're vaguely in the right area.

Loud Mouth Male Student: Afghanistan! You're an Afghan... Afghani... Af...

TeacherLady: No. You're getting colder now.

Loud Mouth Male Student: Is it cold in Afghanistan?

TeacherLady: Yes, it can be... But... That's not what I... Yes. Yes. It can be cold in Afghanistan.

Loud Mouth Male Student: So you're Arabian?

TeacherLady: Yes.

Loud Mouth Male Student: Like Aladdin?

TeacherLady: Sure. Just like Aladdin. I left my magic lamp in my other pair of khakis.

Loud Mouth Male Student: So is your country like all castles and towers and stuff?

TeacherLady: (Had I been better prepared for this conversation, I would have totally said yes and gone into great detail of how I'm actually royalty but was forced to escape with my pet tiger and live amongst this plebeian population and learn how to use utensils such as forks and knives because I was so accustomed to being fed from the fingers of my virgin handmaids. Instead, I said:) Er. No.

He looked a little disappointed. Maybe I should have gone the virgin handmaidens route.

TeacherLady: I'll show you pictures some time.

He seemed to perk up again. I got back to helping them out with math.


calencoriel said...

I like to tell the students that the French teacher in my hallway is an exiled king from Togo...they usually believe me...

Esmerelda said...

I've always believed I was secretly a princess living in exile.....I can't tell you how many guys I've met dating online who described themselves as Persian.

Roba Al-Assi said...

Hello there!

On behalf of the toot team, it is my pleasure to tell you that your blog has been chosen to be featured in the next phase of toot. toot celebrates the emergence of Arab citizens media in the form of blogging, and we feature, on a daily basis, some of the best writings from the best blogs from around the Arab world.

If you have any questions, please do email me back, otherwise, welcome to the toot community!

On behalf of the toot team,
Roba Al-Assi


Gila said...

...and you escaped on your magic carpet, right? :)

Sorry about the plebians. We suck, I know.

Great post!


TeacherLady said...

Calen, I'm guessing he can pull that off easily :)

Esmerelda, they are quite fond of identifying themselves thus, and it does sound sexier!

Roba, thanks so much for plugging me on toot! I'm flattered, and hope I live up to expectations!

Gila, I always keep a spare flying carpet in the back of my old car. You never know when you'll need to make a hasty retreat in style. It's a more exotic way to explain carpet burns on me... Rawr!
If the plebs suck, I suck amongst them, for I am.. A Pleb. Thanks for stopping by!