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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Meanest Mom On The Planet.

I read more and more stories like this every day... Parents who want to expose their children's selfishness, greed, or lethargy, to the nation and beyond, to teach them a lesson. Mostly, I congratulate the parents (especially the ones who make their kids carry signs on busy streets, those are my favorites), but then part of me hopes they did everything they could to avoid getting to that point and the kid is just not hearing the message loud and clear enough until the press in involved.
There must be a point when the parent isn't a hero for airing their child's shame over the news and is just an "attention seeking whore" (as my sister would put it). The mother in this situation is even keeping the ad up after the car was sold because she wants to get more of the "feedback"... Why? The point was to teach the child a lesson, the car was sold, the lesson taught (if not learned) and now we move on. She wants more pats on the back for being a great mother? I don't think it would psychologically damage the kids to do this, it just may be the case that 10 minutes of fame were prioritized over effective parenting to avoid the need for drastic measures.

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Franck Tingue said...

That is a mean mother I would never forget that