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Friday, January 04, 2008

The Gay Middle Eastern Scene... In Berlin.

SO36, a gay/bi/transgender nightclub in Berlin is playing host to the gay Arab and Turkish scene. Frankly, with the kind of music they play, I'd have a merry old time there! Funny how, even today, Berlin still has a rocking gay scene

I always wondered about the obviously feminine guys I knew back home, and how they must feel to have expectations of marriage always hung over their heads. Of course, I may have missed the mark entirely and they may simply have been feminine but not gay... But then there was the guy who wore women's shoes, wore women's perfume, and had hearts all over his room... Hmm... He also did my hair a lot. Sweet, sweet guy...
I don't think any of my Muslim Arab girl friends were gay or bi, but who knows...?
I wonder how that compares to my situation of having married a non-Muslim guy. Which do they perceive to be the bigger threat? I bet some would assume homosexuality as a phase that they can be talked out of, whereas marrying an infidel pretty much seals one's fate, does it not?

I can't help but think of a Goodness Gracious Me sketch in which a young man reveals himself to be gay to his Muslim parents and that the English boy at his side was not just his roommate, but his lover. His parents despair and then the mother finishes off the sketch with "And you couldn't have found a nice Muslim boy?"

If only it were that easy!


bambam said...

lol that is a hilarious conclusion at the end.
but really i don't know maybe both are just as bad unless u kinda somehow back away from doing them

Cairogal said...

I was talking to my friend's husband (Egyptian) and he seemed oblivious to the gay men around him growing up in Cairo. I saw many women in Egypt that carried themselves in a way that would have made me suspect they were gay. As for the men, in countries like Egypt, in a high enough social class, there are gay men who are not announced as gay. The ole' elephant in the room. They just never marry. When we lived in the UAE we encountered some local men wearing their hair like women, wearing makeup, and to top it off? Dishdasha. The one puzzled me, but I suppose that's someone trying to establish their identity.

BTW, Arab Chick, looks like we're headed back to your country of origin for at least a few years.

TeacherLady said...

Bambam, Goodness Gracious Me is hilarious! You should check it out on Youtube if not buy the DVD online!

Cairogal, it's true that a blind eye is turned towards it in the UAE, which is far more favorable than outright abuse and oppression.
Emirati men are quite snazzy dressers, so a lot of them fall into the metrosexual category (before any Emirati guys get mad, that's a compliment!) but there were obviously feminine ones that went beyond simply being good dressers. They were always well-liked by the ladies, though had very few guy friends in their groups.
Yes, the dishdasha... What a great way to endure the heat there than with a white dress! I may not have fallen for any Emirati guys, but I bought my husband a dishdasha because I think a well-pressed spotless dishdasha can be an attractive thing!

Hopefully the move is a positive one in your opinion? I take it you've got friends there? I probably won't be there for a few years because of complicated personal things, but if I were going to be there, I'd definitely suggest meeting up in one of the many shiny, shiny malls there! :) I get the feeling we have enough in common we'd have a good time!

Cairogal said...

Metrosexual-very true! Emirati men almost always smell nice, and getting that beard trimmed to look like it's painted on is no easy task!

How did the men get lucky enough to wear white cotton whilst the women end up in black synthetic materials? It's true, though. THe dishdasha can be quite attractive: makes the heavy guys look thinner and skinny little guys look a bit more filled-out. Hides a multitude of sins!!

The move is DEFINITELY welcome. I've missed the climate and the lifestyle. We're still looking at Qatar, but I think the UAE holds more employment opps for us both. I also have many friends still there that I miss terribly. I do hope that you work things out and go back for a visit. I think you're right about us having a good bit in common.

Mrs Dynamite aka Lorena +Wonder Women... said...

In bahrain .... you can see many many very cute guys seating in the coffe shops wearing the thobe, and the gotra they look so sexy , but if you stay longer you will find how they move they gotra around , how they cros they legs, how they chekc if the hair or the gotra is place it in a right way .. even do how they talk on the phone lol wearing a darck sunglasses inside of the mall ... smelling the best Oud . and holding heands to another male LOL when i firt got ther i was in a shock ,,but then i get use too....

by the way is always scarrry some one and more if is arrenge marriege, you dont know wha is what you are going to get ... wile we were living in bahrain we stay in a very nice and furnished aparmet and on the weekends you could see all this Saudi man who came down on the lift with they guys filipino partner ...