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Friday, December 07, 2007

Woolworths' Simpsons Makeover?

Is this true? Sounds bizarre to me. A Woolies is a Woolies and Simpson-izing it just sounds odd to me.


mr.anonymous said...

so ur a sttng and a simps fan, are you like stalking my interests?..next u'll tell me ur into rc helicopters and I'll have to create a shared blog for us..but I don't think your into that so don't get your hopes up.

on topic,I don't know woolworth and just learned about it through here,but I think anything simpsonized is easily accepted by people,bringing more value to the product and more money into groening's pocket.

TeacherLady said...

Actually, I haven't seen Simpsons in a while. It jumped the shark a bit for a while, but I've just heard that it's funny again now.

Money going to Matt Groening is fine by me. He's more than earned it. Or Seth McFarlane. Yup, I like em both despite their occasional failings.