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Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Offices.

I'm a big fan of Ricky Gervais' work. I've only seen one episode of Exras, but I can tell I'm going to enjoy that almost as much as The Office. I'm also a fan of Steve Carell and the American version of The Office. Can it be? A fan of BOTH series? Yup, I love both versions in their uniqueness and similarities.

The British version is far more crude with language that would never make it onto Prime time American television.

Gareth is marginally creepier than Dwight and far less capable of appropriate human interaction than Dwight, if that's at all possible.
It's hard to know how David Brent and Michael Scott would react should they ever meet face to face. Would their equally enormous egos result in their completing each other's sentences, or would they react with the destruction of a nuclear bomb? I have a feeling they'd get on each other's nerves since neither recognizes their own ability to annoy those around them.
I find Tim and Jim equally charming and sweet.
Dawn's fiance was far more of an asshole in the British version, making it all the more sad that she stuck by him for the whole series and making it easier to root for her going for Tim. Pam's fiance wasn't as cruel, making it all the more tragic when she does decide to leace him. Both are interesting dynamics for the characters.
People complain that the US version is "American". Um. Yes, it does have an American influence because American people are involved in the production, but it's not always a bad thing for a show to be "American" and they didn't totally Hollywoodize it. The people it are funny, talented, and aren't plastic looking. I'm not saying they're fugly or anything, they're just not all bleached teeth and fake tits. Well, maybe Jan... ;)
All in all, I bet both casts are great fun to work and play with and I enjoy seeing them all in their various professional endeavors... Well, except that romantic comedy I didn't watch with John Krasinski in it. I love you, John, but that film didn't look too great to me. I'm wary of any comedies Robin Williams does nowadays...
If there were subtitled versions, I'd be interested to watch the various international takes on The Office. That would be interesting, I bet.
Anyway. I'll be getting off now. That's what she said.

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Qwaider قويدر said...

I love both too. They're so similar yet so different that you can become a fan of both
There has to be a difference in the way the story is told. Simply because what goes in the American workplace is different than what goes on in he other side of the world
As for pam's fiance, that's also a good depiction of the American mentality that even if your husband shouts at you once, people will sympathize with you when you sleep with the cute dude in the office. I think the British wouldn't have appreciated that.

Anyway :) I don't want to see an Arabic version!