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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Muslim Saves Jew.

Yep, another fuzzy story to warm the heart... A Jewish man, Walter Adler, got beaten up on a New York subway and the only individual to come to his rescue was Hassan Askari, who happens to be Muslim but is primarily just a decent human being.

I would feel so useless in a situation such as this... I'd hope there was some busker on board with a guitar so I could smash it over someone's head, because I doubt I could handle myself with fists only.

I try to stop fights at work before they get serious, though I seriously doubt most of them would have gotten serious. They were probably relieved I stepped in so it would look like I had stopped something that otherwise would have been bloody, but really would have resulted in one party revealing what a crappy fighter he is. If they REALLY wanted to fight, I doubt my presence would make much of a difference. I'm not at all imposing and my voice doesn't carry well unless acoustics are on my side.

When I was pregnant, I would forget myself and try to break up a festering situation, but what can you do when there's no other adult intervening? If they had really intended on fighting, the fact that a pregnant woman was in proximity wouldn't mean a thing. Heck, when they're not fighting it sometimes doesn't mean a thing. This one idiot was late for a class and pushed me aside at the top of some stairs before galloping down past me. Luckily, my fall was stopped by the wall he kindly shoved me into, which I managed to use grab on to and avoid falling down the stairs. I actually felt guilty when he got into all sorts of trouble with his mother because of that, but then there really has to come a time when we expect a little more from these kids.


brit said...

when a Muslim does a good thing it's primarily because they're a decent person, if they do a bad thing, it's because they're a Muslim?

just asking

TeacherLady said...

Er no, I meant that regardless of his religion, he's just a decent human being. He is one human acting kind towards another. What I didn't want my post to come across as is a statement saying "Wow a Muslim actually did a good thing", and I guess my idea didn't come across well. Sorry it came out wrong...

shlemazl said...

It came out just fine, 100% clear.

"Brit" is not "just asking". He is just being a "pain in the ass".