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Monday, December 17, 2007

In Need of a Smile- First Islamic Car.

I've been feeling rather maudlin recently, so this made me laugh. Gotta love the Sandmonkey.


humble simpleton said...

What a coincidence! Exactly 110 years ago, first Czech car, Präsident, was made.
There are two car-making companies in Czech rep. Tatra and Skoda (former Laurin & Klement). In the globalized world, Tatra is a part of american Terex group, and Skoda is in german Volkswagen group. You may know Skoda Favorit from Britain as a cheap shitty car. Yes that was from the time, when the commie joke was dying.
Now, a few bits from Youtube: Tatra 603 promo video from the sixties part1, part2. And as a treat for you funny ads weakness: Skoda Fabia, similar ad from Australia. For Ra, if he will see one of these somewhere. (Tatra as a carrier truck for Russian 'Smerch' rocket system.)
As for the Iranian thing, I want to see the crash-test results first. And could you provide some more information, e.g. how they call it, some technicals and such? Because the only thing I'm able to understand on their site is 2008, 11700 and 8800.

RB said...

the stupidest thing I heard in a while.

humble simpleton said...

Hey, we already have ra here, and now also rb. Are rc and rd going here too? :-)