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Friday, December 14, 2007

Free To Be.

I saw this on Sudanese Thinker's blog. Love it.


kinzi said...

I REALLY enjoy Drima! :)

mr.anonymous said...

That!is a stupid picture.
Automatically tagged into arabs/muslims and "free to show ur boobies or hide ur entire body based on religion or culture" concept.. well what about all the conservative women out there of all origins,religions or no beliefs at all..don't they get to make the same choices? and wear or unwear the same clothes?

I believe this is a propaganda picture against arabs/muslims,an appearance of a renegade..to make the narrow minded excited..but its actually a back stabber.

gonna paste my thoughts on all traces of this link.

Umarzuki said...

open minded is like a fortress without a wall. But then if you're not muslim so be it.

Anisa said...

Yeah, right. Like that would ever happen in real life.

Would this ever happen in reality -- a muslim women expressing her cultural and religious beliefs enjoying a walk, hug and happy laugh with a woman who, judging from appearances, does not share her values? Uh, ok....are we making a statement suggesting humankind embrace differences, multiculturalism, secularism, humanism, whatever-ism.

I really dislike this picture. It makes me uncomfortable.

shlemazl said...

I object to this photo in strongest possible terms. Should me there rather than the overdressed lady.

TeacherLady said...

Shlemazl, feel free to cut and paste, but I fear the meaning intended by the artist may be lost if it becomes a picture of a bikini-clad woman and a drooling blogger... Somehow...

Thanks to everyone who gave me your feedback on how the picture makes you feel... I might start putting up more art to see what kind of reactions they can evoke.

Umarzuki, on the other hand, being closed-minded defies progress and critical thinking regardless of one's religion. You don't have to let your guard down to entertain outside thoughts. And the Muslims of history would be ashamed to hear of a Muslim denying the importance of knowledge acquisition and learning. It was well recognized as the religion of the enlightened in the days gone by. Perceptions of it may have changed, but only because of people who market it to the world the wrong way. But it was a dramatic analogy you gave us, anyway! :)

Now, being enlightened doesn't mean you have to embrace with open arms the beliefs of others, this is a naive exaggeration, but it's a sweet, child-like sentiment. I love innocent imagery such as that.