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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tinted Windows and Leering Perverts.

For those of you who may not be aware, it's quite popular in countries such as the U.A.E. to tint car windows for various reasons. It can reflect some of the sunlight, provides privacy for important individuals, acts as a status symbol, but more importantly protects women from harassment.

Now it's sad to think that men are so incapable of controlling themselves that we really have to block out all visuals, but it's my experience that, for whatever reason, some guys do take many advantages of lightly tinted cars by stalking and freaking out the woman therein. The Gulf news has an article on the topic here. The harassment is driving women (no pun intended) and their husbands to tint their windows to unsafe degrees in an attempt to have the right to be on the roads without a horde of horny perverts putting them and their family's lives in danger.

I like having tinted car windows, and I think they have the right to tint them to a safe level, but something also has to be done about the behavior of the perverts. Something preemptive. What is it that makes the boys of a country grow up to think it's okay to behave that way? I know they love and respect their mothers, so why not extend that respect to other women? Do we honestly need, dare I say it, sensitivity training? That always sounds so... Mushy. And. Californian.


Hani Obaid said...

Sensitivity training is unlikely, but cheer up, the perverts will also tint their windows so they can leer unobtrosively !

TeacherLady said...

HAHA! Thanks Hani, that made me laugh amid my coughing fit.

humble simpleton said...

Strange custom. I usually try to avoid any car driven by woman.

TeacherLady said...

Humble, I love you. Political correctness hasn't spoiled you. :)

humble simpleton said...

I think I could afford to write that, because everybody knows that it is harmless joking and I don't mean any offense. And speaking about political correctness, no, I don't fall victim to that, because I instantly saw the destructive impact it has on humanity.