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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Soundtrack To My Life.

At the request of the Guy Who Knows a Pigeon Named Frank, here's the soundtrack to TeacherLady: The Movie.

At the beginning: Rainbow Connection- Kermit The Frog.

During my childhood scenes: What a Day for a Day Dream.

During the "rebellious" teen years: Let It Be- The Beatles, Leysh Natarak- Natasha Atlas, We're Not Gonna Take It- Twisted Sister, It Ain't Necessarily So (Gershwin).

When I leave for America (and every time I have to say goodbye): Leaving on a Jet Plane- Simon and Garfunkel and Saying Goodbye- The Muppets and I'll Be Seeing You..

When my father dies while I'm away: Hurt- Christina Aguilera.

When I get the guy: Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)- Ella Fitzgerald and Come Rain or Come Shine- Billie Holiday.

During the naughty bits: The Principles of Lust-Enigma.

When I get shit from Arab guys for not marrying one of them: The Lady is a Tramp- Ella Fitzgerald and Let's Face the Music and Dance- Nat King Cole.

Life with the baby and my man: Perfect Day- Lou Reed.

When people from high school who never spoke to me try to contact me on Facebook: Don't Ask Me- OK Go.

In my protest against violence: Zombie- The Cranberries. Yes, I know she sounds like a baby seal in a dryer. Humor me.

As I fade out into the sunset: Mr. Blue Sky- ELO and Rainbow Connection.


the guy who knows a pigeon called frank said...

WOW. I totally love you! =)

Lou reed - Perfect day and
ELO- Mr. Blue Sky

were very very close to being on mine. I had a feeling your list would kick ass.

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

Click on me cuz you\'ve been tagged!
You seem as quirky as me so I think your list should be pretty interesting:-)

TeacherLady said...

Guy, thank you for the kind words... We indeed both kick ass with our tastes, though I'm often hard pressed to find people who agree!

humble simpleton said...

Leaving on a jet plane is originally from John Denver, no? John Denver has a special place in my world, because the first thing I have seen from him was this. I didn't know him, I don't know what charm was around him, I just stared at the screen frozen, stunned and with open mouth. This happened once more with Jean Ferrat. And surely you can remember the strong impression of the simple animation of Divar, or, the drummers in Paul Simon's Obvious child? My first musical love was Queen, maybe here is the right place to ask and finally learn what do they sing in Mustapha Ibrahim?
A phenomenon called "Italo disco" was popular here: Al Bano, Ricci e Poveri, Francesco Napoli. Out of this, my personal fav, more rockabily Gianna Nannini, I had some special feelings about her.
Now austrians: Opusm, Falco, group of comedians EAV.
Finally, home sweet home, Czechoslovakia: Miro Zbirka, Elan, Peter Nagy (not a clip, somebody just put the pictures together to resemble the lyrics), very good metal band Tublatanka, Petr Novak and The Mister
Karel Gott, one more Christmas song by him.
At the end a bit of classic: Peter Dvorsky (even if you ignored the links so far, listen to this!), duet with Gabriela Benackova.
Radetzky marsch by Johann Strauss father. Notice the people clapping hands. It is a marsch, it was made for the soldiers. This one was particularly very popular among them, and they clapped and stomped along.
I tried hard to make it short :-)

The guy who knows a pigeon called frank said...

as far as I know, Queens 'Mustafa Ibrahim' is all just arabic praises about the arab guy who Freddie Mercury was sleeping with.

TeacherLady said...

I don't know that much about Queen and always wondered why they had some Arabic lyrics in Bohemian Rhapsody and such... Huh...
Humble, how cultural of you to include classical music. I had the Muppets more than once. But you compensated with Falco! I want to check out all of your songs/pieces, but when I'm better... I'm coughing all over this nice keyboard which I'm sure my household won't appreciate...
Thanks for sharing!

humble simpleton said...

So you want to hear some Muppets, ha? And Classic? Maybe some pieces from Tom & Jerry? Fledermaus, Blue Danube, Hungarian rhapsody No.2, Largo al factotum from Rossini's Barber of Seville.
You know Falco? How about ABBA, or Modern Talking? I can't understand how could I fail to include Nick Cave. As a bonus something russian, legendary Vladimir Vysotskyi, and legendary Ansambl Alexandrova.