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Friday, November 16, 2007

Real Life Rocks Part 3

In science class, I help out two kids from the more severely handicapped caseload as well as my own students who have mild to moderate needs.

The other day, the students had to get into groups to gauge the speed of marbles rolling down a little track, noting how it slows down as it reaches the various peaks. I casually stood at one of the tracks and waited for the two students to join me, which they did instinctively. To my surprise, another student joined us, and he wasn't one of mine at all. He is the resident white goth kid of the class and has recently taken to wearing red and black make-up around his eyes and on his cheeks. Much like the goth kid in South Park, he's constantly messing with his dyed black hair, alternately flicking it away from his face and smoothing it down over his features so that you may get to see one eye surrounded by red.
He held the marble out to one of the girls and sweetly offered for her to release it on the track first. We all worked for a little while before:

Girl: What's that on your eyes?

Resident White Goth Kid: Eye shadow.

Girl: (thinks for a moment) It's cool. (smiles)

Resident White Goth Kid: Thanks.

It made my week. Hell, it made my year. You may think it's stupid, but it bowled me over in its saccharine mushiness. I think John Hughes directed that moment and was hiding behind the sinks.


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PHSChemGuy said...

Was there an 80s song playing in the background?

If so, yes, that ws John Hughes.