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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Justice and the Emirati Way!

I've never really been a fan of pranks, unless they're of The Office ilk, but this one is just odd and very sad. Given the usual sensitivity of the black and white judgements of the U.A.E. justice system, the man has committed a crime in attempting suicide and will be punished through deportation. What's even more tragic is the fact that it was so believable for him that he was not getting paid because it happens all too often to the migrant workers of the country that he didn't even question it. If that hadn't been so prevalent a problem there, he wouldn't have so readily believed it.

By the way, just in case you notice, my posting will be a lot more infrequent now as I pursue my masters online. Wish me luck!


Qwaider قويدر said...

Good luck with your masters

But regarding the incident. Wouldn't it be a good thing to deport a suicidal worker?
I hear that some do this so that their families can get some cash from the insurance or something.
I know it's REALLY sad, and for a human to be driven to this level of frustration, is even worse. But it doesn't negate that some might try it

Additionally, a suicidal person might harm people around him while taking his own life! So ... well... I don't know.. he needs psychiatric evaluation

TeacherLady said...

Well, I guess my main disappointment in this whole situation was that it was perfectly believable for this guy to not get paid because it happens so often, though his course of action was pretty stupid.
He does need help, and yes, hopefully he'll get it back home, but now he's back to square one. I guess it was his own fault... Silly suicidal sap.

humble simpleton said...

Desperate people do desperate things. I believe he was too much a simpleton and his 'friends' were making good day out of him, morons.
O Lord, I pray to thee, could you make their dicks fall off?
I too wish you good luck, but only pro forma, out of decency, you know. Because I think you won't need it.