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Monday, November 12, 2007

Cookies And Clocks.

My daughter is at the amazing and horrifying age at which she absorbs language and behaviors from her environment faster than an Arab in Canada. She's 18 months old, going on 16 years old.

At heart, I can tell she is a teacher too. A month or so ago, she attempted to educate my husband in the area of nutrition- She picked up her array of food successively and for each one simply stated:

TeacherBaby: This? (looks at my husband with a patronizing expression on her face and holds up a pea.) No. (Replaces said offending pea onto the plate.)
This? (holds up a green bean) No. (Replaces it on the plate)
This? No.
This? No.

Her lesson completed, she proceeded to climb out of her high chair and move onto more important matters of state.

To our great amusement and slight fear, she has also started to mispronounce things with amusing results.

TeacherBaby: Cock! Cock!
TeacherLady: What the...? Oh geez. Oh baby, it's a cookie, coooookie. Dear Lord, we're going to get calls from Child and Family Services.

Thanks to Sesame Street, she is now not only able to say "cookie" correctly, and with a deep, growling gusto courtesy of Frank Oz.

We go through her flashcards and up comes the image of an old fashioned clock, complete with bells on top.
TeacherLady: What's that?
TeacherBaby: Cock!
TeacherLady: Dammit.


7aki Fadi said...

lol. Cute :) .

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

"...faster than an Arab in Canada":-)

Too funny, I got a good and much needed laugh.