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Friday, November 30, 2007

12 Year Old Arrested For Having Sex With Grown Men.

What? Huh? Excuse me? Yes. A minor is being punished for having sex with men as old as 27 and most likely older than that too. I'm glad they at least made reference to the fact that she may be suffering from ill mental health. I guess when there is no such thing as a "statutory rapist", and that minors can be found guilty of "sex" as opposed to victims of rape.
Boy, I wonder how much jail time she'll get? After all, at that age we ALL know what we're doing, right? Especially when raised by someone who has shown lack of judgement in the area of sex and men too, right?
She made stupid decisions, correct, but what about the older guys who should have known better? Why don't they pay a price for having sex with a CHILD?
MAN, it really pays to have testes and a penis in the Middle East.

* Due to my not taking my own advice to not read and write while I have the flu, I mistakenly wrote that only the child was in custody. Thank you, Qwaider, for noticing my enormous error.*


kinzi said...

After the rape of the teenage boy in (whatever Emirate it was)I am beginning to wonder the same thing...is there any concept of statuatory rape in the Middle East? It seems that age is never an issue.

Qwaider قويدر said...

Hold on just a second here...
The article states the following:"The official said the mother and the men are also under custody.

The official said it is the first time police came across such a case.

Which means the mother AND the men involved are arrested .. ALL 15 of them.

It's obvious that the police are confused on what to do. They've never had to deal with a 12 year old prostitute and that's why they referred her to a mental institute, because it doesn't appear to be even logical!

Statutory Rape can't happen systematically with so many men, with the knowledge of the parent!

I'm sorry, but your last paragraph about men, is unfair

TeacherLady said...

Qwaider, thanks for noticing my huge error. I very much appreciate that.

My feeling is that if the parent is aware, she's guilty of child endangerment and if she's encouraging it, it's abuse.

I'm sorry if you feel offended by my comment about how men have it easier in the Middle East, but it's a fact. I can't even list all the examples to prove that to be true. Now I'm not saying all men are bastards or anything like that, but they get different rights, consequences, pay, job opportunities, marriage options etc that women can't always get with the same level of fairness. Ask a Saudi woman how her last drive to the store was, I'm sure she could tell you!
But again, thanks for noticing my error. You are now designated as my editor, whether you like it or not!

Qwaider قويدر said...

No worries :)
I said it before, and I will say it again, I would accept being a middle eastern woman in a second. You ladies really need to learn how to milk it and reap the benefits of being female in the middle east!
I've seen women who abuse it to the extreme and you know what? They wouldn't want to live any where else!

At the same time, I feel for victims of abuse. This poor child for example! Her mother is an accomplice in this rape! And her father, (whoever the hell he is). This is not the proper way to raise a child!

As for the sick men! I don't know where to start! But the fact is, there are societies (in this day and age) that promote child prostitution. Cambodia, Singapore Thailand all have children slave brothels and it's acceptable and families appear to "sell" their children to go work there!

Which is just plain old sad!

PS: Thanks for your amazing accountability and honesty for taking the time to point out the err. If there's one word to sum my position towards you and your blog it would be: Respect!

TeacherLady said...

Qwaider, sadly I'm not perfect and always willing to demonstrate as such!
It's true, sadly, that some women are guilty of milking it and abusing it, but while I was living there I kept my head down and behaved myself and was a pretty good student... But I got rewarded by being told I couldn't get the scholarship every other bugger was getting because I was female. They wanted to save the money for the boys and they finally admitted that to me after my waiting, and calling, and writing to try to find out what happened to my application. I was SO grateful to the man I finally spoke to for his honesty. It meant a lot to me, even though it hurt. So while my brother who flunked out of uni twice got ANOTHER full scholarship, pocket money, flights home paid for, my mother had to pay for my education out of her savings. My dad didn't want me to go to uni, but he was such a sweet man he didn't stop me like he could have.
I never sued, or cried on Oprah, or anything like that... I was just trying to get what my brother and all my male citizen friends got and couldn't.

shlemazl said...


The girl is not a "12 year old prostitute". She is a "12 year old victim".

Should never ever have been arrested. Hospital, social care facility? Yes. Prison? No way!