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Thursday, October 11, 2007

What Not To Do.

So the university student was here today to observe Captain Inappropriate and it went just about as well as I thought it would. It took a good five minutes for him to get the kids to sit down and shut up long enough for him to tell them they were going to do their usual warm-up activity of a times tables worksheet he never even looks at later. Not only that, but he never gets his key totally correct, so as he's reading off the answers, the students voice mass protest every time he gets one wrong. And no, he isn't "testing" them.
They got rowdy again, so of course what better idea than to have them all stand up and tell them the width of their outstretched arms is about the same as their height. While it could have been an interesting discussion of Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, it instead turned into a mass of arm waving, smacking nearby classmates, and general kerfuffle. (Great word. Use it today.) A student was promptly thrown out of the class.
The rest of the bell was generally maintained at a low level of constant chaos with Captain Inappropriate occasionally calling out:
"Seriously. Guys. Seriously."
I watched the university student's reactions but she gave away about as much as a poker player whose undetected death part way through a game had given way to rigor mortis. I assume she has the know-it-all attitude of your average undergrad student who will go back to her uni and announce how much better she would have done in the classroom teacher's situation given her sparkling lenses on her 20-20 hindsight glasses, or else she might be a real bitch and broadcast it onto a blog.

Oh... Yeah. Hm.

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