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Friday, October 19, 2007

What Do You Search For On a Lonely Friday Night?

At first, my husband and I misunderstood this article... We thought it was identifying what the most Googled words of each country were, when in fact it takes certain words and then tells which countries searched for those words the most. So apparently, the Egyptians are a bit horny. (You hear that, Sam? No surprises there.) India's in there too, so Ra did his part to contribute to an interesting statistic! :)

I guess the only reason Western countries weren't the top searchers of the word "sex" is because they're probably a little more specific... I didn't think they'd include "gay clown porn", or "swinger furries porn" in an article like this.

My husband I once thought it would be really entertaining to try our best to come up with a really obscure fetish and see if we can be creative enough to find one that doesn't exist. Neither of us things it possible, but it'd be really funny to try! If you come up with anything, let me know. Thanks to the Distorted View, I've learned of snot porn, which I would have hoped would NEVER exist in a million years. Eughblahyuckarrrrgh. That's the noise I'm making right now at the mere thought of it.

I'm going to have breakfast now.


ra said...

hmmmmm.....im glad i could help!! truth be told, i dont use that word, im very specific in what im looking for.

maybe the reason that is so is because of internet access. in india now, the web is more accessible in smaller towns as well, which wasnt the case some years ago(where only major cities had it).

the middle east wont allow it, there are ways to bypass though. but its not only porn that is denied access. thank you God for proxies. also file sharing software lets a lot of things come across. so the government cant hold the people down for long!!!!

snot porn - dont think i wanna go there. the term itself isnt, well, er, hmm, lets leave it at that.

humble simpleton said...

RIMMER: General George S. Patton, commander of the 3rd and 7th armies, allied invasion forces, once stopped off at an Italian field hospital and had his sinuses drained.
KRYTEN: This is his sinal fluid?
RIMMER: Treasure it.


So, the only bodily stuff not being subject of some fetish so far, is the yellow from the ears. I thought that up, I'm the winner.

humble simpleton said...

OMG! dolly buster? That Ugly Bitch? But, fits to the theory of specific search, people go after what they want exactly.
This dolly buster is a retired porn actress, who tries to meddle in politics, but at least the people know the stupid, when they see it, so no success so far.
I think, that if the society is oppressive to sexuality, people resort to the internet to find some, and that's the secret of 'sex ' being the word most searched for.

TeacherLady said...

Humble, you quoted Red Dwarf. You get bonus points for being so utterly cool.
I had never heard of Dolly Buster...
And no, I'm afraid someone is kinda turned on by ear wax... http://www.marysgreatideas.com/archives/2004/12/earwaxbody_prod.html

humble simpleton said...

Nooo, enough, I give up. Anymore of this and I'm gonna have some serious (non-verbal) talk with my toilet. :-))
Maybe there is some ugly bitch somewhere in Connecticut, which I'd never heard of the the same way you hadn't about dolly buster. I wonder why the hell she is in that article in the first place.

Cairogal said...

"I didn't think they'd include "gay clown porn", or "swinger furries porn" in an article like this."

So you've heard of the furry fetish, have you?

TeacherLady said...

Yes, I have. Not something I'm interested in, but hey. If it makes em happy... They can dress up like giant foxes and do the horizontal tango as much as they desire!

Cairogal said...

My sister's friend met some guy through online dating. THey went and he seemed quite normal. Toward the end of the evening, he walked w/ her to his car and went straight for the trunk and opened it to expose a big duck's costume. He looked up at her, hoping that this was a fury connection. Alas, it was not.

TeacherLady said...

Excellent story! At the risk of sounding like a Marx Brothers sketch, "Why a duck?" Not that I'm into all that, but I can't even stretch my imagination to find a duck sexy. There's a reason Howard the Duck didn't do well. We don't relate to ducks too well unless it's to laugh at the likes of Daffy or Donald.

Cairogal said...

LOL-I don't know why the duck, but if a duck isn't sexy, what fury costume has that potential?