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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Teachers Behaving Badly.

I have commented before on how teachers make the worst students, and I was reminded of that yesterday... All we had to do was sit in front of the computers and follow along with the instructor as she guided us through some fancy new software for us to use with our kids who struggle with reading and writing. Many problems arose. One, most of us have already been to a workshop on this program. Another: Due to budget constraints, the software can only be accessed by a limited number of people at any one time, so the first indicator that things would go a little stray was that we had to share computers. I guess it all began to really fall apart when we started messing with the text-to-speech facility.

Blue Eyes, Bad Influence Teacher: Go on. Make it talk dirty.

TeacherLady: Yeah great, NO ONE will think of doing that. Except we'd really do it, and I bet you the room would fall quiet just as it says something like "cunt".

BEBI Teacher: Oh come on. Wuss.

TeacherLady: At least let's find a sexy voice, this one's lame. Do they have Stephen Hawking on here? Our TomTom can do Ozzy Osbourne and he says stuff like "a...at the end of the f-fuckin' road, turn... err... left". I love it.

Later on, I tried my best to behave but find my thoughts stray towards those of a sexual nature very quickly. I cross and uncross my legs enough times I wonder if people can tell. Can guys tell? Is there any truth to pheromones? Yee. I tried to think of something else when I felt a tap on my arm. I looked over to see Asian Babe teacher grinning and pointing to my feet. I look down and see a note. Oh dear. We've truly become what we hate. Actually, the classes I see don't bother with notes, they hold their most private conversations loud enough for all to hear, whether we like it or not.

Instructor: Now that we're talking about tools, let me show you my tool box.

BEBI Teacher and TeacherLady: Pfffft *snicker* That's what she said...

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humble simpleton said...

I believe they know well what will be the first thought of children about what to do with such gear, and the machine has a list of 'no speak' words.
btw I'm haunted with this. I can't help myself pushing the 'play' button again and again. And all tomorrow I will do just "hou dila hou dila ranina". Even though I have no idea what it is.