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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Sometimes I'd rather stab my eardrums with a rusty scalpel than dare listening in to the conversations of our students, but occasionally I hear some that make me smile.

To give context, a kid with an attitude missed a few days of school because he had received a less than desirable haircut. Knowing how his peers would rip into him like a pack of rabid hounds into an arthritic rabbit, he knew better than I how badly he would get it:

"Hey, I know where we can play the next football game... On the bowl on his head!"

"Hey man, did Ray cut your hair?"
"Ray who?"
"Ray Charles."

Another incident involves an expression I've heard of before, but it still makes me laugh:

"Ow, I cut my finger on the sharpener!"
"That's cuz God don't like ugly, an' you an ugly mother."


humble simpleton said...

If I was your student, you could overhear me modifying Beatles' hit "Free as a bird" to "Free as a prd." Prd is fart in Czech...

TeacherLady said...

Haha! Good to know. And "fuss" is Arabic for fart, so whenever I hear that in English the thought of flatulence crosses my mind.

Anonymous said...

What's the fuss?
Ham and eggs.

TeacherLady said...

Haha! An Arabeezi fart joke! Whoda thunk it?(Arabeezi being a cross between Araby-meaning Arabic- and Engleezi-meaning English)