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Friday, October 05, 2007

Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah! Do It To Me!... I'm In Court.

Oh I would just die of embarrassment if I were the guy in this article... It's mortifying enough to have your cell phone ring during a meeting, but to have your ring sound like a woman having an orgasm makes it ten times worse. Actually, no, if it had been a sound bite from Full House THEN he would have HAD to kill himself to expunge the dishonor from his family name.


humble simpleton said...

hou dila hou dila ranina
dilao hou dila ranina

Have you ever heard a horse fart? Well, I have similar story involving me and that sound, and yes, the moment when everybody stop talking and look at you is somehow embarrassing.

ra said...


stick to the regular ring ring tone. always a safe bet.

humble...horse fart???? good God!

i guess a courtroom is ok upto a certain extent. what if your phone went off (the orgasmic ringtone) and you were with the parents of a girl you were trying to impress in a fancy restaurant??


Realm Of Dreams said...

Well, when my cell phone ( a mentally retarded gentleman singing God Bless America) rings at work I just answer it. It takes a lot more than being inappropriate to embarass me...