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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Molding Young Minds.

Oh geez, the embarrassment will now extend beyond the walls of our school… A student taking an education course from a local university is being assigned to observe Captain Inappropriate’s classroom. Now here’s the question… Do I hint to the kid that there are greener pastures and that he should by NO MEANS WHATSOEVER take any advice from the great Captain, or do I hope he’s intelligent enough to know a shitty lesson when he sees one? My hope is that if he’s smart enough to know which way to sit on a toilet, he’ll know how crappy the class is.

1 comment:

ra said...

maybe cap inapp may learn something from the kid. i doubt that though, still, stranger things have happened.

hmmm, then again what if cap inapp influences the kid and theres cap inapp part deux in the making????