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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Islam Taught Right.

Now here's a Muslim scholar with his head screwed on right. Based on this one article, I'd be willing to have Dr Aidh Bin Abdullah Al Qarni over for tea. He even makes reference to the bit in the Quran which states that Muslims should treat The People of the Book (Christians and Jews) well as all three share the same God. Glad he didn't overlook that part. It's apparently really easy to miss.
When I read the title of the article (Preachers 'must focus on upbeat Islam'), I was afraid they were going to go for the hippie angle of digging out tambourines and acoustic guitars or translate the Quran into modern day slang. Yee.

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humble simpleton said...

Sudanese Drima recently pointed out this guy. And some time before another guy. Let's hope there will be fire, when there are sparks. The sooner, the better.
I read this article, and some more, along with the Egyptian wrestlers. It's all UAE here, UAE there. Are the UAE something like a beacon of modernity and progress in their corner of the world?
Good idea the quran in slang: "Dude, don't eat pigs! They filthy." But still it would not convince me to give up my schnitzel.