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Monday, October 08, 2007

Hot For Teacher.

I'd like to welcome Candy Comrade into our midst... She was under the mistaken belief that the nickname I ascribed to her is merely due to the candy hunts we used to carry out diligently every Friday of last year. No, no, no, no, no... It is also in reference to her sweetness.
And she's hot too, but that's not relevant. Actually, my colleagues are so darned attractive, I'm beginning to wonder if they got hired for their abilities at all..! In fact, I don't have any evidence to prove they even have teaching licenses!! Maybe they're all fraudulent models!!!
Nah. She's a pretty damn good teacher too.

She gives me hope when I'm faced with Captain Inappropriate's bullshit crossword activity for the kids when there are too many boxes for most of the answers.

She brings a ray of sunshine to my day when I've come from a teacher who is adamant in his correctness that opposite numbers (ie. 5 and -5) are "EQUAL". Not their distance from zero/the origin, no... THEY ARE EQUAL.

Breathe. Breathe.


humble simpleton said...

Like, another reader? Hooray!

ra said...

why oh why???? did i not have any hot teachers when i was in school?? ok we did have a couple of hot teachers. but that was it.

we had a teacher with a mole (and hair growing out of it even) on her chin. she was our biology teacher. sure she made sex education so much fun!!( i wanted to grow up to be a priest) and she would hold roaches like it i would hold a candy bar. she'd look at them in the eye (there were times i think she wanted to eat them, but not in front of the students im sure) and then put them back in their little roach boxes.

then there was the geography teacher. 6 foot something and cross eyed. nobody, but nobody wanted her slappin their back. that hand left a mark that would take days to disappear.

my english teacher, when i was in the 8th grade, well we werent sure if "he" was in drag or just simply hormones misdirected.

it goes on......

candy comrade teacher said...

Well I guess I can forgive you for making my nickname food related...and keep it quiet about the no license thing. If I promise to entertain the administration (and spongebob) once a month I get to keep my job =P Just kidding of course -.^

We love you too...our cute little Arab chick...

humble simpleton said...

And what if you had hot teachers? They would only distract you from your duties :-) But I can understand your anger, I am also asking, just where were all Mrs. Robinsons, when I was at that age? It is general boys dream, to be "educated" by a woman more seasoned in love, who would do you that you wouldn't even know where it came from, think I.
But I can also remember some very special individualities among teachers. One granny dyed her hair with light bluish shade. Another granny, who used maybe little excessive make-up. Another granny, well she looked normal, but was a bit choleric, hehehe, I can hear her yelling, so lovely. She used such "trick" - she gave you a stack of books to hold, and then she stereo-slapped you. That is like if you want to clap your hands, only with somebody's face between them. And you could do nothing, because you were holding the books LOL. Any complaint like "You are not to use corporal punishments." was followed by strict "And YOU are to behave yourself!"
Ra, recently I met some Indian tourists, who asked me for the way, And when I used the knowledge acquired here and congratulated them to the cricket cup, we had a pleasant friendly chat. So thank you for providing that useful information. :-)

TeacherLady said...

Candy Comrade, you keep those knee pads well polished, girl!
You won't find any Mrs. Robinsons in our crew, Ra and Humble... We couldn't be any less attracted to these yahoos if they had signs of the Black Death on them. I've always appreciated my seniors far more than those my own age or younger.
And Ra, well done you for being an ambassador for your people! Humble will be yelling "hawzat" before too long.
While I could never truly entertain slapping a kid on both cheeks, it's an amusing thought. I could claim I was ridding him of a pesty insect. On both sides of his face. At the same time.
Ahem. I shall say no more on that topic.

humble simpleton said...

Ha Haa! You hawzat me? Hawzat you too! And what is 'hawzat'? I thought it was some slang for 'how was that'?
Now is my ambassador turn. If you ever bump to some Czech tourists, you will make friends easily, if you know this:
Beer. Our national pride No.1, Pilsner and Budweiser being the most famous brands.
Hockey. Especially Jaromir Jagr, Dominik Hasek and Nagano '98.
If you add a few names from The Greatest Czech, you will be a star. I would point out for you Komensky, because he was a teacher, Zizka - our Saladin, Albright, because she was US secretary of state :-), and Masaryk, who is for us, what founding fathers are for Americans, or Gandhi for Indians. Just a remark, obvious winner of the contest - Jara Cimrman, was unlawfully disqualified for non-existence, but nevertheless, for us he is still the moral winner :-))) Now, let's finish with an ear-candy, shall we. Vltava (river in Czech Rep.) by Zdenek Smetana, conducted by Rafael Kubelik, part 1, part 2. Don't ask me, I don't know why it is in two parts, just enjoy.

humble simpleton said...

Oh, I forgot to notice the Israelis, hearing it may cause you to tend to stand in attention and salute :-))

humble simpleton said...

Eh, I really don't want to overload the comments, but I just recalled your weakness for ads. It reads:
"I can't write an opus for you, because I can't hear anything."(He was deaf at that time.)
"But mister, who else than you?"
"I can't hear, sirs."
"Ladies and gentlemen, My Country, by famous Bedrich Smetana!"
"Move away!"

At the end I must add krtek (the Mole) ultimate hero of all Czechs. :-))

TeacherLady said...

I can't access youtube from here, so all I've seen is the advert, which I enjoyed! We all knew alcohol could inspire what the drinker perceives to be great ideas, but he didn't actually drink it, so I have more confidence in the quality of his offering!
Thanks again for sharing! There's so little I know of your culture, you better do a damn fine job of representing...!

humble simpleton said...

Hawzat possible? You have censorship in your town?
Yes I would start that fine job for example by not screwing the the names of our greatest. It is Bedrich Smetana, really don't know how could I write Zdenek Smetana.

TeacherLady said...

Censorship at work... They don't want the kids or naughty teachers like me to access YouTube!
And typos are forgiven here as long as you notice them and correct when possible.