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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Your Seat May Be Used As a Floatation Device... Or Sacrificial Alter...

I freaking hate anything to do with airports, but this would take the biscuit... Finding out that goats were sacrificed in an attempt to appease the gods when an airplane's operations have gone faulty. Give me a good old fashioned mechanic and the greasy thumbs up from him any day over polytheistic rites and rituals.


humble simpleton said...

Easy, I believe the mechanics did their job properly before, and the sacrifice was just a ritual. Maybe it is common thing, which only now reached some journalists ear.
And a little speculation. The palestinian teachers, you've been talking about before, did a good job. Still I can sense some islamic allergy to polytheism in you, honorary Indian.

TeacherLady said...

Haha! You may notice, I have a bit of an allergy to ALL religions! They're great for others, not for me.
I was just trying to be obnoxious, I don't scorn the sacrifice of goats outside a plane anymore than the person who crosses their fingers on said flight, next to the person fingering their rosary, to the one who has their prayer mat in the overhead compartment.