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Friday, September 07, 2007

Tacky, Touchy-Feely Teacher List.

It always pays to know what to be grateful for.

I love my job when...

1) I get sent an "80s Hit of the Day" from one of my colleagues (today's was Separate Ways by Journey, and Open Arms at my request :) ).
2) I actually want to hang out with my colleagues outside of school.
3) My students' hugs are genuine (and not pervy).
4) When students from my past visit me and they have that light in their eyes. The one that says "I understand so much more now." Especially when they come back from having a kid.
5) When my students say "Ohhhh... NOW I get it." They may forget it by tomorrow, sure, but you learn to live in the moment and savour it!
6) The amount of money we raise for so many charities and the hard work some of the teachers/parents/and kids put into raising it.
7) I say nice things to a parent when all they've ever heard is complaints and then seeing the gratitude in their eyes. It may take a little white lie once in a while, but it's fantastic if the kid is there too and they silently send you endless 'thank you's and act just that little bit better from then on. Hey, it makes my life easier too!
8) Teachers act as bad as the kids, especially during meetings and in the hallways.
9) We see a colleague get particularly frazzled and we all make sure we do something to cheer that colleague up... And we SUCCEED! This may or may not involve the copious pouring of fermented vegetable juice.
10) I hear the kids react strongly to the novel/short story they're reading in class. Nothing makes Romeo and Juliet more fun than hearing "Hey Jamal, I bite my thumb at YOU, SIR!" and in response to Juliet's suicide "Oh no she DI'N'T!" and their protests at Mr. Shakespeare's choice of endings goes on for quite some time... Because they learned to care for the characters. Beautiful.
11) Students I've had in the past who made my life a living hell greet me with warmth, smiles, and hugs. I guess pretending to like them that whole time has paid off.

This post is more for my catharsis than your reading pleasure, so I don't doubt that it bored the hell out of you, but I felt like doing it.


ra said...

actually it is a pleasure reading your posts.

you seem to hit a different key note everytime.

now i wanna go out and find some teachers who taught me eons ago. i did run into one some months ago. she was there with her kids all grown up.

and about two months ago, i met with Sister Carmen Mary (bless her). she taught me when i was in the fourth grade. she looked so frail. one of the pictures i had of her in my mind was that of that tuff old Sister who used pull my ears.

i rent out a room where the lady of the house is a teacher and she always talks very fondly of her old students. she kept on pushing me to meet with Sister Carmen Mary.

the thought of meeting SCM scared me. i was nervous, now i can go in to meetings with directors or whoever, lean out of a running train or bus, can represent at seminars but this was scary.

bottom line, i realised i was scared for no reason.

you go teacherlady!! change the world!!

'liya said...

Ooh I like, I can identify with some!

"Hey Jamal, I bite my thumb at YOU, SIR!" - just substitute "Jamal" for any other name... I'm teaching R&J this year :D

TeacherLady said...

Ra, thanks for your kind words. And yes, you should try to find your teachers and let them know how they impacted your life. We don't always get to see the product of all our efforts, so I'm sure she'd be delighted!

'Liya, you should let me know what kind of activities you get to do with your guys! I've worked with a different English teacher every year and they don't get comfortable enough to settle on cool activities for Romeo and Juliet that I can expect to see year after year. If you have some great ideas, I can share them with the lady I'm working with this year who is still trying to get back into the groove of teaching after having been on maternity leave...

'liya said...

Will let you know when I get there hmm I think by next month :)