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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Selective News.

This is what I really hated about living in the Middle East... The news is so twisted up, it's practically giving itself a blow job while polishing the politician's knob at the same time.

Crude, yes... Inaccurate, no.


ra said...

the newspapers out here have always been that way. like i always say selfglorifyingautoasskissing propaganda.

hmm...guess that sums it up. on the flip side, india beat pakistan in the twenty20 world cup final. thats cricket for you!

humble simpleton said...

Newspaper out here has been far far worse in the commie period. Glorifying all communist, shunning all western, and all that in a very very stupid way.
And ra, was it some football(soccer) championship? and what is cricket?

ra said...

well humble, in the subcontinent(i.e. india, pakistan, sri lanka) it is pratically a religion.
similar to baseball.

hmmmm, this is tougher to explain. try googling it. im from india, and pakistan being our biggest rivals in all forms(heck we went to war with them a few times, as recently as 1999)it doesnt get any bigger. a world cup final even!!!!

it is a sport, if it gets into your blood stream (i suppose, like any other) will drive you crazy!!

i love cricket!!

humble simpleton said...

Ra, although I've never seen it and I don't know the rules, I know that it is a collective game involving striking of a ball with a bat, also I know about its religion status. You know, that question was just a lame attempt to tickle you a bit ;-) I expected you to go something like:"What? How can it be that you don't know cricket you stupid simpleton?" :-) So, let's give it a second try:
Cricket? Oh yes, I know, it is the sport popular in Australia. :-)

ra said...

hmmmm, guess im the stupid simpleton, eh?

well the aussies also have australian rules football/rugby. they do have the best cricket team in the world. oh yeah, damn!! humble, dontcha kno cricket? heck, u need to like er, research n stuff (howzzat??)

er, humble, i dont tickle easily. however, my jedi skills could do with some tweaking.

humble simpleton said...

We Czechs kinda enjoy a bit of teasing, in the good way you know, as a specific kind of joke, don't mean it bad.
Rather than google, I wanted to see some action, so I snuffed youtube, and found said India - Pakistan match. And although I've seen this cool rules explanation, still I can't say that I'm getting everything what is going on in the field. I will need some googling after all.