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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Material For The Show "Cops", Or Any Other Show That Puts Idiots On Display.

If only all criminals were so stupid as to drive to court with a stolen car to pay a ticket or use their own cheque/check to rob a bank (funnily enough, not the first time to happen). The world would be a happier, and much funnier place.

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humble simpleton said...

Somewhere in America, after robbing a store with a gun, the robber demanded some booze, which was behind the attendant.
Attendant:"I can't give it to you, because you are not 21."
Then the robber showed his ID to prove his age.
Well, first I refused to believe such idiocy, but considering your stories I'm starting to be unsure about that. Plus the stories from the school, it doesn't seem that unbelievable after all.