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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Losing... Hope... Fast.

There are some days that I just find myself in complete awe of the students I see, not just in the fact that they made it to the ninth grade at all, but that they are still alive and able to function in reality even though it may be by pure luck that they do. I'm not picking on kids with special needs here, I'm talking about their peers that I see in the same classrooms every day of the week.

At the end of each day, I go visit Candy Comrade Teacher because she teaches Honors students who often stay after school to get their work done, make sure they understand the lessons taught that day, and generally do things that would be totally alien to the yahoos I see... Otherwise I start to forget that such kids exist.

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE "my" guys very much, but it's a little disheartening to be exposed to the following:

  • Students placing more than one decimal point in a number.
  • Students refusing to multiply a number by a variable, because they don't know the value of the variable. (ie. 2 times x is just 2x, but they don't get that far. They just get mad at the 'x'.)
  • Students asking what page they have to turn to when the teacher has not only said it five times, but written it up on the board and pointed to it like a deranged runway aircraft traffic controller. Every day.
  • Students who don't know me making inappropriate remarks behind my back, mainly involving what they'd like to do to me and proceed to make grunting or girly-moaning noises. Turning around and glaring at any male in the vicinity doesn't help me find out which moron is responsible.
  • Students still unable to identify the state we live in on a map (Miss Teen USA can give a great explanation of this) and NEVER EVER get continents and countries straight. EVER. They will go to their graves thinking Africa is a country.
  • Students getting angry at the teacher when the students don't bring supplies to school and the teacher doesn't have a stash just for them stowed away somewhere and so they make the intelligent decision to say things like "Well then, I ain't doin' your work" and proceed to put their head on the table. I'm always the one who suggests "Ask your classmates", then they look stupid when the person next to them hands them a pencil. Every single time.
  • Students, again, getting angry at the teacher, but this time because they got caught cheating. We're just really mean people. Silly me, I used to be horrified at the idea of being caught cheating and so wouldn't do it for fear of the shame, when all I had to do was yell at the teacher for trying to "get me in trouble for no good reason".
  • Students being mean to the poor kids with more severe disabilities who are forced to attend regular classes because of the wonderful decision makers at the top who thought that would be the best thing for those who have no idea what the hell is going on in the class, but certainly learn a thing or two about cruelty.

And that was just one week in the world of TeacherLady.


humble simpleton said...

Few posts back there were some rumor about you being hot. Therefore one would guess that you are used to the talks about "what they would like to do to you." :-}
But I can understand the two decimal points in the number thing. Try and tell them that only the first one matters. :-}

TeacherLady said...

No, I'm not hot, just relatively young and not obese, which is enough to constitute some male attention. My colleague referring to my hotness was merely at my request. One needs an ego fluffing now and again...

candy comrade teacher said...

Why is it my nickname on here is food related and all the other ladies got some reference to their "hotness". I guess I should probably take offense (although I guess it is the candy that started our friendship anyway...) Well I enjoyed your blog and I'm totally caught up on it now. Thanks for the entertainment...