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Friday, September 21, 2007

I Love My Peeps.

I love 98% of my colleagues with a passion fit for red hot lovers. They make me laugh in the face of complete desperation on a daily basis. Today I asked a colleague (Asian Babe Teacher) if she would be so kind as to write a letter of recommendation for me as part of my application for a scholarship... I told her to make sure she included the fact that I'm hot, so this is what she came up with:

Dear ...,

I am writing this letter to recommend TeacherLady for the scholarship for professional development. TeacherLady is the hottest teacher here at AnySchool High. She literally makes you salivate and shiver when you see her in the hallways. She has a way about her that is mesmerizing and you could just look at her all day long. Many of the students and faculty members also feel the same way about TeacherLady. We often talk about her hotness, intelligence, and sense of humor.

TeacherLady is deserving of this scholarship as she wants to become a master level teacher and learn literacy strategies that she will be able to pretend to use with her students. TeacherLady has had a lot of success with her students in the past years all due to her ability to relate to students on their level. This is not to say that TeacherLady is immature and at a high school mentality. It just means that she is cool and trendy and knows how to connect with younger people. Maybe it is slightly suspicious but we keep a close eye on her throughout the school day.

Please consider TeacherLady for this scholarship because if she is taking classes and focused on that she will have less time to interact inappropriately with our student bodies…if you know what I mean!


Asian Babe Teacher.
IS at AHS with IEP’s with CD,SLD, ED, OHI,ADHD, IAT, 504,IAT, some MFE
Also, peer spy and occasional snitch

She put it on an official letterhead too... Whattagal!

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