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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Help, Help! I'm Being Oppressed!

Holy Crap! Does anyone else think this looks like a sick parody of life in another time, another place... NOT America? Not a good response, in my opinion. That student could have asked his questions in a better way, but I'm not too keen on his being tasered... He's going to earn himself a nice big fat paycheck.


humble simpleton said...

50s, Soviet Union. Yes, sick parody. He is still alive, healthy, won't be thrown to mental hospital, won't spend the rest of his life in some Alaska gulag, they still have a lot to learn. But Jon Karry is innocent here, the officers should reconsider their security protocols, think I.
What did he do? Why should they arrest him in the first place? They were five holding him on the floor, any need for taser? Now I'm curious about the future of the vigilantes and the height of his compensation.

TeacherLady said...

He's just an idiot who enjoyed the sight of the camera a little too much. I guess they need bigger security guards! I just hope his mother gives him a smack 'round the back of the head.

Realm Of Dreams said...

I don't see what the guy did wrong. It was a question and answer period and he was making an informative statement before asking a question (which likely would have made Kerry look bad). They should have just let him say his piece and then asked him to leave. They act like he was going on and on and on... I always root for anyone who actually tries to ask a politician a tough question rather than pitching them a Softball about "Do you want people to get sick and die like the Republicans?"