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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Good Morning Lemmings!

Anyone making an Ohmygod O'clock drive to work in the morning would welcome an observation such as the one in the photo. I prefer to picture myself as a member of a metallic gazelle herd, all dashing in the same direction.
Ever since having acquired a job that starts so early in the day, I've noticed something about myself... I don't say "good morning". I'll give just about any other greeting, but morning are rarely "good".
I doubt that song from Singing In The Rain would have had the same ring to it had it been called Mediocre Morning, or For the Love of All Things Holy, I'd Rather Be Back In Bed. I should write that song. It would sum up my feelings on waking up before the sun is even peeking of the horizon.


humble simpleton said...

Ahaa, that's why people shorten and say just "mornin'". They don't want to use swearwords, like, fakink mournink.

TeacherLady said...

I'm a bit of a "potty mouth", so I've abandoned my previous quote of "Thank Allah it's Friday" and instead resort to "Thank fuck it's Friday..." which I say to myself, as it wouldn't be funny for others to have to hear my dirty mouth at the start of every weekend.
It's alliteration. I'm being literary.