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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Dreary But Necessary Bit.

Today I not only honour those poor souls who lost their lives on the anniversary of this day six years ago, but I also pay respect to the millions who continue to suffer the effects of war who do not have a day assigned to their misery- To those who continue to endure despite all the forces that work against them and the incalculable losses that now define their lives. To the children who suffer because those who were meant to protect them fail in incomparable ways by prioritizing some twisted sense of nationalism over the well being of their sons and daughters. To those children whose parents want to fight to gain a land of orphans and to use that precious land to bury the children they sacrificed. To the victims of political torture, military ruthlessness, and inept politicians.

There was never a quick, easy, correct answer to avoid any of this. I’m sorry the national and international bodies that are meant to protect you fail time and again. I can’t imagine your suffering, but I offer you my humble thoughts and love.

On a more positive note, if any you would be interested in doing a little bit to help out a woman and her family in a war torn country, Women For Women International has found a “friend” who will double any donation made to the organization. I’m already sponsoring a woman in Afghanistan, but I’ll also chip in a little more before October 31st when the doubling offer will be ending.

I have hope in humanity. After all, we created the Whoopie Cushion.

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