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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Captain Inappropriate Strikes Again!

In this week's episode of Captain Inappropriate, he tackles the subject of race... A delicate issue given the population of our high school...

He mistakenly calls a young white student by the name of the only other white student in the class. She reacted with confusion, to which he loudly responded:

"Well, all you white girls look the same to me."

She looked genuinely offended, while the rest of the class joined Captain Inappropriate in his laughter. I darted my eyes towards the ground so I wouldn't have to give a polite smile to him if he looked my way. I hate it when the classroom teacher makes a lame joke then looks to me expecting me to be guffawing in some sort of comradeship, when in fact I find it about as funny as a Family Circus cartoon.

"It's true about the boys, though..." remarked one black girl with a pensive look on her face and a nod of agreement from her friend.

In one fell swoop, Captain Inappropriate has damaged the already fragile ego of a young girl and propagated stereotypical racist beliefs. I'm impressed.

Since then, that girl has come to his class and immediately put her head on the desk, to which our brave Captain makes note of loudly and repeatedly throughout the class.

Take note, the same day he made the race comment, I had a little chat with him and pointed out that comments may be taken home to parents who have "no sense of humour" (I know how his brain works, that's how he'd view them), but he was adamant that he knows who to joke with and how far to go. He then went on to give some examples that made me wonder if I should go to someone about this. He really doesn't get it, and there is obviously so much more I don't even know about. He's not sick, he's just clueless and thinks they'll all brand him "cool" if he keeps this up.

I feel really bad when I realize that I dread going into his class. How must the kids feel? Poor bastards.


humble simpleton said...

Try and ask him:"How would you feel, if I kept saying that the sum of the angles in triangle is 270°?" Something that would make math teacher crazy.
Or "Mathematicians discover principles and theorems, then it is the work of physicists to find some use for that."

Carmen said...

That's unacceptable.

This past week my students were reading an article on the discrimination Haitian-Americans experience and I asked them why, in 2007 when leaders and authority figures all over the world preach tolerance, does discrimination like this continue. One girl raised her hand and said, "Miss, it's one thing to preach tolerance and another to not behave in such a way. It's easy for a leader to say let's all love each other, yet go and bomb countries."

That teacher did the same thing. He's perpetuating the racism that exists out there and, as an educator who has the potential to nip this shit in the bud, should be ashamed of himself.

TeacherLady said...

The problem is I really don't think he understands what he's doing is wrong. He's already lost one job, been warned by another principal who is no longer here, I've talked to him, and he STILL DOESN'T GET IT. I guess I'll just keep pointing out stuff and see if repetition drives the point home... I don't know...