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Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Attack.

Having read and enjoyed The Swallows of Kabul, I decided to carry on with Yasmina Khadra’s thematic trilogy by reading The Attack. Set in Israel, it tells of an Arab doctor who finds out that his wife has destroyed herself and others in a suicide bombing in a café. He’s unable to accept that his modern Arab wife would be capable of such destruction and goes about trying to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together. At first I was nervous about reading it because the last thing I wanted to expose myself to was a justification of suicide bombing, but was relieved to find that while it didn’t justify it, it explained the “reasoning” behind it very capably. While watching the music video Humble Simpleton shared with me, I was reminded of Khadra’s heartfelt description of how hideous the Separation Wall is both in appearance and implication for humanity as a whole.


humble simpleton said...

An ideology that resorts to suicidal actions is in dying agony, think I. Just like kamikaze, this is the last means of a cadaver-to-be to cause any harm. Now, here's to treat your weakness for funny ads.
I was so moved by "Divar", because I've seen the communist totality. And commie, or islamic, or whatever, is still the same boolsheed, only the grounds are different. And this was direct attack against the issues that hurt the people, namely sexual segregation. Somehow it reminds me the mood of the 1980s which eventually led to the fall of the commie empire. I wish that people of Iran could kick the mullahs ass. I know it is not of much help, but I hold my thumbs for them.
Second, "the essence", you remember? Simple plot, animation like if little children drew it, but its power is tremendous. Moreover all the effect to me is done by the animation and the tune, as my farsi dictionary consists of about five words.

PS. Sandmonkey is back to blogging.

Anonymous said...

Hi, first time to your blog. Great stuff! This is also a wonderful- I think his best :-)

TeacherLady said...

Arima, thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi! I look forward to exploring your blog more too!

It's so great to see Sandmonkey back in the saddle. I had always hoped he'd be safe enough to do it again.