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Friday, September 28, 2007

Abayas Can Be Sexy!

I could never afford the really sexy abayas like the ones my wealthy schoolmates had, but I'd be willing to fake it for a day if I could dress like that!!


humble simpleton said...

ooh. First pic left is delicious eye-candy, god help me to stop staring and go to sleep.

'liya said...

I have to agree with Humble Simpleton, though I don't think that first model is "eye-candy" I do think she has stunning facial features!

The abaya in the last picture is simple and pretty :)

Lapa said...


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humble simpleton said...

Maybe I misused the word. "Candy" is a sweet that you lick and munch and roll from one side to another doing "mmmmmmmm", whereas with "eye-candy", you are just using your eyes for same, no?
My impression from the last was: Take out the ornaments, add a face mask, and here you have the regular ninja suit, that the ME women are being ridiculed for. As for the second, isn't the metal ripping the hair and obstructing sight? Third is very nice, mmmmmmmm.
Well Teacherlady, you know how to teach somebody a lesson.

TeacherLady said...

No, you used "eye-candy" correctly. The ninja look isn't quite as popular in my part of the ME because they love to flaunt their wealth and so sparkly stuff has to be readily visible, or at least a pretty border on an expensive abaya.
As for the coins, you'd never see that on a person heading to the shops on a Friday morning, but it looks great with my belly dancing outfit! I tend to wear it around my neck and not my head for the very reasons you gave.